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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Something You Can Use This Week: Hearing the Cries for a Savior: A Video Clip Discussion Idea for "Superman Returns"... on DVD today.

"Superman Returns" is released on DVD today. Most of you know that we like to provide curriculum, discussion starters and ideas that are current with what kids are watching. So here's a video clip discussion idea that uses a movie that is going to be in a lot of DVD players around the world this week!

Hearing the Cries for a Savior: Superman Returns

Movie Clip: Superman Returns, PG-13, 2006, Warner Bros.

Main Point: Whether knowing it or not, we all need Christ as our Savior.

Clip: They are crying for a savior.
In this scene, Lois starts out by telling Superman that she doesn't need a savior. She denies the purpose of Superman. Superman isn't convinced that she's examined all the evidence. He takes her up into the sky and talks with her. He explains to her that although she doesn't hear all kinds of people crying out for help, he does hear the cries. Just because someone thinks they don't need help... it doesn't mean they don't need help. This is a great clip to show the awareness Christ has of the people who need Him. And even though some don't feel a need for Christ, it doesn't negate the fact that Christ is still there.

Scene Introduction Statement:
Have you ever seen someone with a problem or in a situation where you know they need help, but they won't admit it? Don't you hate that? That's exactly what we're talking about today. We're going to take a look at a clip from Superman Returns. In this scene, Superman shows Lois Lane that he knows he's needed, even though she's too stubborn to admit it. Let's take a quick peek at this clip. You'll see them bickering about the article that Louis wrote, Why the World Doesn't Need Superman. You'll notice that Louis has some bitterness about Superman having left earth for a few years. She obviously felt abandoned, resulting in feelings of bitterness and resentment. Now she's responding to those feelings by pushing away her need for a "savior." Superman talks to her about this.

    Scene Script:
    (It's really up to you where you want to start this clip. If you have almost five minutes to kill, you can start it at chapter 19 on the normal widescreen addition at 1 hour, 9 minutes and 5 seconds when Louis first walks out on the balcony. Here you'll get the entire scene where Superman startles Louis on the balcony and allows her to interview him about why he left for a few years, where he went, etc. Personally, in interest of time and focusing on the issue, I'd probably start a little later in chapter 19 at 1 hour 10 minutes and 32 seconds... right after Superman says, "I had to see for myself." The scene lasts over three minutes, clear into chapter 20 on the DVD. Here's the key dialogue.)

    LOIS: Well, you're back, and everyone seems to be pretty happy about it.

    SUPERMAN: Not everyone. I read the article Louis.

    LOIS: So did a lot of people. Tomorrow they're giving me the Pulitzer...

    SUPERMAN: (interrupting) Why did you write it?

    LOIS: How could you leave us like that? (pause... Superman doesn't respond.) I moved on. So did the rest of us. That's why I wrote it. The world doesn't need a savior. And neither do I.

    (Superman walks away for a moment thinking.)

    SUPERMAN: Louis, will you come with me.

    LOIS: Why?

    SUPERMAN: There's something I want to show you. (Louis stops and thinks for a moment to think) Please.

    There's a little more dialogue (including the word "crap") Then SUPERMAN takes LOIS on a "flight" up into the sky.

    SUPERMAN: Listen. What do you hear?

    LOIS: Nothing.

    SUPERMAN: I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior. But every day I hear people crying for one.

STOP the DVD at exactly 1 hour, 13 minutes and 51 seconds (after Superman's line "I hear people crying for one" there is a moment where Louis thinks about it and looks down at the world... that's the stopping point).

Transitional Statement:
You know, the big problem with Lois Lane is that she refuses to admit that people need Superman. She argues that he is trying to save a bunch of people who really don't need his help. But as you saw, Superman is well aware of a huge need for help. It's such a shame when people don't think they need help when they actually do.

Today we're going to talk about Christ. In the movie, Superman is treated as a savior. Today, we're going to talk about the real Savior. And before you tune this out, realize that even though you may already be a believer in Christ, perhaps you're still in need of some help. Go ahead and split up in your discussion groups, and let's talk about this need for a savior.



More Superman Ideas: Getting Rid of Distractions: Smallville Video Clip Discussion Idea

If you want to ride the Superman hype... here's another video clip discussion idea from the hit television series Smallville. Just Blockbuster or Netflix (am I really allowed to use these words as verbs) this episode and use this discussion idea!

Smallville, Season Three, Episode 10 - Whisper

Main Point: We must intentionally get rid of or at least see past our distractions and keep our focus on eternal things.

Attention Grabber: TV Series - Smallville, Season 3, Episode 10: Whisper.

Smallville is a television series based on the adolescent/early adulthood of Clark Kent, before he officially takes on his role as Superman. The series is pretty clean and very entertaining, placing much focus on the development of characters and script writing (but there are a lot of cool special effects too). If you were ever into Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 24, but you're looking for something a little more down to Earth and fun to watch, I would definitely recommend trying Smallville. But be careful if you're easily addicted to television programs, because this series is a good one.

Clip: Concentrate on my voice, Son
The clip that we are using is one of those rare, ultra-crisp illustrations of a very biblical principle. In this episode called Whisper, Clark has been blinded by his own powers when the heat beams coming out of his eyes were reflected back at him. Now his body has compensated for the loss of sight by developing a new ability of ultra-hearing. Unfortunately, Clark is having a hard time learning to focus his hearing. In this particular clip, Clark has turned on all of the machines in the barn, trying to train himself to focus on only one individual sound at a time. His parents walk into the barn and decide to help. In the midst of all of the noises, his father whispers quietly, giving Clark something specific to listen for. At first Clark has great difficulty hearing the voice, but after a few moments he is able to hear his dad clearly. The scene begins with a camera-shot of the barn from outside at approximately 19:37 (in the middle of chapter 3), and ends after his father's last line-"Good"-at approximately 21:59.

Scene Introduction:
Today we're going to talk about focus. Have you ever had a hard time focusing on something? Like right now, a couple of you are probably already having a hard time focusing on what's going on up front, because you're thinking of something else that's going on at home. Or you're thinking of schoolwork you have to do for tomorrow, or you're thinking of something that happened earlier today. Well, don't feel too bad. In fact, to help you focus a little better, let's watch a video clip from the show Smallville. In the clip, Clark Kent (also known as Superman) has been temporarily blinded. And now he's realized he has the ability of super hearing. But just like us, even Superman has to learn how to focus. Let's watch and see what happens.

    Scene Script:

    (Begin at 19:37)

    DAD: Clark! You mind telling us what's going on in here?

    CLARK: I'm trying to focus my hearing.

    MOM: I take it you're not having much luck.

    CLARK: If I don't get a handle on this, I can't save Pete.

    (MOM and DAD shut off machines.)

    DAD: Clark, Judge Ross was at the house.

    CLARK: I know, Dad, I heard. Playing chicken with the kidnappers is not a good idea. They're going to kill Pete. I've got to focus. Help me.

    DAD: Alright, let's get to work then.

    (They turn all the machines back on.)

    MOM: Listen for your father's voice.

    (DAD begins to whisper inaudibly among the machines. CLARK tries to focus but has difficulty. Then, quietly, DAD's voice is heard.)

    DAD: (very quiet) Alright, Clark, concentrate. Concentrate on my voice, Son.

    CLARK: Dad.

    (DAD accidently knocks a nail off the table and CLARK winces as the sound is magnified in his ears.)

    DAD: Clark! Clark!

    CLARK: Dad, it's okay. It's okay. For a second I could hear you.

    DAD: That's great. I was barely whispering. Okay, let's keep working. (DAD begins to whisper again.) Focus, Clark. Focus on my voice. Can you hear me?

    (CLARK nods.)

    DAD: Good.

    (Stop at 21:59)
Transitional Statement:
Sometimes, it is just so hard to focus. The problem is that there are so many things to distract us. If there were no distractions in your classes, how much easier would it be to get stuff done? But there are just so many things out there to distract us. The same goes with our relationship with God. Most of us don't mean to turn away from God. Sometimes we're just distracted. But we really need to learn how to keep our focus on what's important. We're going to split up into our small groups now and figure out what the Bible says about how important it is to keep our focus.

Divide into Small Groups


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