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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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Featured Resource: A Free Video Download You Don't Want to Miss

You know how much I love to give you free stuff. And you know how much I love it when people actually give stuff away "no strings attached." Well check out this free video from my friends over at Dare 2 Share. Here's the deal:

Dare 2 Share has a great new resource on DVD that you've gotta see. The resource is their new ?reality show' called The Gospel Journey. This relevant training/outreach series is available as an eight session DVD set that is normally priced at $200. But they're giving away the first session as a free download just because they want people to check it out.

The Gospel Journey Kit is a unique training and evangelism tool that is impacting hundreds of youth ministries across the nation. What makes it so unique and impacting is its 'reality show' based format and open dialogue.

Basically, Dare 2 Share took seven students to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and walked them through extreme challenges and the story of the Bible (think Survivor meets Brat Camp... meets Jesus). Here's the cool part-four of the seven students are not Christians, in fact they come from atheist, Wicca, and Jehovah Witness backgrounds! So I'm sure you can imagine the intriguing twists and turns the journey took.

In addition to the free download... they're offering you a great deal: Dare 2 Share is a big fan of us at TheSource4YM, and they love youth leaders almost as much as I do, which is why for a limited time they are offering the Gospel Journey Kit for a greatly reduced price of $160 for TheSource4YM EZINE subscribers only. It normally goes for $200, so this is a great deal. The kit includes 8 DVD sessions, a leader guide, promotion materials, and more. If you use the Gospel Journey Kit as a training and outreach series, it will cover 15 weeks of meetings!

Greg Stier, President of Dare 2 Share, has told me that entire churches are using this product because of the youth group's response, which has typically been multiple salvations- so you know you're getting something that folks are using effectively!

To watch the first full session, click on this link: (quick registration). Or, to get this exclusive deal, call (800) 462-8355, and tell them you are calling to secure this special Gospel Journey Kit promotion.

Thanksgiving Service Project Idea: Rake and Run

Looking for a great way to serve your community
this time of year?

A NOTE FROM JONATHAN: I'm a sucker for service projects. I think one of the best ways we can point to Christ is through "acts of service." I'm not talking about handing out tracks or "door knocking"... I'm talking about good ol' fashioned helping people in need. And if people ask why, we simply answer, "Because that's what Jesus would have done, and we're pretty excited about Jesus."

Here's a fun and simple service project idea sent in by one of our EZINE subscribers, Jerry Smith.

Rake and Run!!!:
Each year, we get a list of elderly people from our parish, divide up into groups of 6-8 and then run from house to house raking up their leaves to be picked up by the dept. of public works in our city.

If you don't have a list- who cares? Pick a neighborhood in need and go to work!

It is so much fun. And, from time to time, the kids will rake all the leaves together and just start diving into them for fun! (Is your liability policy up to date?)

It is a great service project as well as some fun for the teens. Over the years the kids and elderly have become more relaxed around each other and often the elderly will bring candy or drinks out for the kids.

Thanksgiving Resources: The Place to Look for Thanksgiving Ideas

Looking for some more Thanksgiving ideas? You've come to the right place!

Our web site has a ton of great ideas; you've just got to know where to look. Allow us to give you a guided tour.

Jump on our web site and click on the left hand side bar where it says HOLIDAY IDEAS. That page lists a bunch of the free resources and ideas we provide by topic. Once on that page, scroll down to where it says "Thanksgiving" and check out some of the ideas linked on our page. You'll see anything from a "Regressive Dinner" and "Bobbing for Caramel Apples" to the Thanksgiving Sermon we highlighted in our last EZINE.


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