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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Featured Article: Hideous Heap Contest winners! Check out these youth workers' junky cars and the prizes they won!

We've voted. Check it out... here are the winners.


The Source for Youth Ministry put on a contest for all youth workers, volunteer or paid, to reward them for driving a hideous heap!

Youth Specialties sponsored this contest with some great prizes, including Free Registration to Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention - a $350 value (Click Here)

All entries were due on September 8, 2006. I've gotta admit, the winners were hard to pick. Choosing a winner was more than just considering the year of the car or the mileage. We took into consideration the pictures, the description and the "Would I want to be stuck driving that heap?" factor.

With that in mind, here are the vehicles we would NOT want parked in our driveway... er... I mean... the winners:

1st Place Winner

Alex Ashe, Youth Leader, Quest Community Church, Tucson, AZ
I drive a rusty - I mean trusty - 1985 Toyota pick-up with makeshift speakers, cracked/missing hubcaps, no A/C, manual everything, and no reverse lights. Occasionally, it needs a swig of gas down the carburetor to start up. I think the liner is holding the entire bed together. Passengers must have current tetanus shot.

1st Place Prize:
Free Registration to Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention (city of your choice, Registration only) - $350 value
(Click Here)

2nd Place Winner

Lori Pankratz, Volunteer Youth Leader, Assembly of God, Litchfield, MN
1994 Dodge GRAND Caravan Grind/pump to start, back up first to drive forward, shakes at 40 mph, rear ended, missing hubcap, air- high only, back panel missing, front speakers only, seat catches in door, sliding door falls off, held shut by feet, now taped shut, climb through front doors, back window leaks, smells of mildew. Teens LOVE! Own kids hate!

2nd Place Prizes:
Ideas Library CD - $110.49 (Click Here)

3rd Place Winner

Allen Todd, Full Time Paid Youth Minister, Timber Lake Christian Church, Moberly, MO
Affectionately known as "The Gas Chamber." '83 Chevy was a "gift". Both church bus and U-haul, it receives much abuse. Large dent in the driver's door keeps it from closing all the way. Lining hangs down and sprays disintegrating foam particles when the windows are down. No A/C. AM/FM Radio. Rearview mirror gone, and the hubcaps have been stolen twice.

3rd Place Prizes:
New to Youth Ministry Starter Kit
- $101.21 (Click Here)

4th Place Winner

Kenny Hallman, Volunteer Youth Director, Teamon Baptist Church, Griffin, GA.
This is my ride. I keep the spare parts in the back in case something falls off as I'm going. When they do fall off, I just put them in the back if they aren't that important. For some reason, my wife and kids won't ride with me.

4th Place Prizes:

Invert Starter Kit - $33.46
(Click Here)

3 Honorable Mentions

Each of the THREE Honorable Mentions will receive the following prize: Jonathan McKee's award winning book on reaching out to "the Unchurched" ... DO THEY RUN WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING?

Corbin Runnels, Volunteer Youth Leader, Covenant Life Church, McKinney, TX.
"The Bomber". ?91 LeSabre. NO AC/music (24 consecutive days 100+ temps), plenty of primer/ rust. Seat cushions are shredded. Ceiling's ripped out & foam falls in eyes. Dash board buckled, had to be removed. Windows go down, not up. Reeks of gas fumes. In summertime, comes out of gear on right turns.

Glenn Thompson, Volunteer Youth Leader, Church of the Nazarene, Columbus, KS
Going steadily downhill after meeting a deer, en-route to a youth event, with it's missing grill, busted headlight, shattered windshield, bolted on hood, broken motor mount, smoking engine, faded paint, grinding brakes, turn signal short and unworkable a/c, the handicap placard may be for my '89 Ford Taurus.

Sheila Thompson, Volunteer Youth Leader, Crawfordsville First Church of the Nazarene
Last year my mini van died and I needed a car so this is what we got. (free) The passenger door wont open/close inside, no radio just wires, odometer quit at 273,500 miles, wrecked multiple times, no muffler, and the headlights are duct-taped on. The bumper sticker on the back of my car says it all...My Treasure IS in Heaven!!!


Something You Can Use This Week: Team Builders at your finger tips

Have you seen our new Team Builders page?

We just launched this page a little while ago and we already have a few thousand of you using it each week. For the rest of you... let's bring you up to speed...

Like all of our free resources on our web site, you can access them by popping onto our web page and clicking on the left hand side bar. In this case, click where you see the words TEAM BUILDERS.

What is our definition of a "team builder?"

The term "team builder" is used loosely. Some people have strict definitions describing an intricately prepared activity or experience that teaches a specific strength or skill. Others would label a trip to the ice cream parlor a "team builder." Those people with a looser definition of team building might find any event or activity on our EVENT IDEAS page (CLICK HERE) a team builder. After all, a Video Scavenger Hunt or a Mall Manhunt takes teamwork.

Our list of team builders is probably a balance between the two extremes. We aren't going to simply copy our list of EVENT IDEAS to this page or duplicate every game that uses teams. Our list of activities is made up of ideas that uniquely help build teamwork. Yes, most of these are really fun. But they are also the kind of activities I like to use at my student leadership meetings to help kids work together and start bonding with each other. -Jonathan

Here's one of my favorites for our new TEAM BUILDERS page!


Supplies Needed: a tape recorder (and blank tape) or digital recorder for every team.

Instructions: Your group has 15 minutes to record the sounds listed below and any other sounds that they wish to add. The sounds must last at least 10 sec. but not more than 15. All members of the group must contribute.

Here's the catch... teams aren't going around and recording the real sounds... teams are "simulating" the sounds themselves. For example. If the list calls for a bunch of barking dogs, the team isn't to go find real dogs, they are to bark like dogs.

Assign each team a different room so they can "create" the sounds undisturbed.
  • Herd of cows

  • Cat in a dog kennel

  • TV Show theme

  • Lovesick Coyotes on a moonlit night

  • A worship song

  • Room Full of Babies

  • Traffic

  • American Idol audition

  • A typical day in a crowded public bathroom

  • A pet dolphin trying to warn his owner that a kid is drowning

  • A couple in marriage counseling

This is just a sample list. The sky's the limit!

At then end of the allotted recording time, have a team representative come up to the front of the room and play their recordings into a microphone. (If you only have 15 items on the list at an average of 10 seconds an item... it will only take two and a half minutes to play each team's tape.)

Award prizes (bag of candy, etc.) for most sounds recorded and to the group that adds the most creative sound selection not on the list.




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