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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Something You Can Use: "Elf" video clip discussion idea, complete with small group questions, scripture and a wrap up talk

How do you talk about the second coming?

Do you show LEFT BEHIND?

... me neither.

So here's a fun discussion about how we can be ready for the Lord's coming, kicking off the topic with a video clip from nothing other than Will Ferrell in ELF.

MOVIE CLIP: ELF, starring Will Ferrell. Main Point: Christ's second coming is something to be anticipated and enthusiastic about.

Attention Grabber: Movie - Elf
Elf is one of the best Christmas movies ever made. Starring Will Ferrell, the movie is about Buddy the elf (Ferrell) who grew up working in Santa's workshop in the North Pole. However, because he is a human and not an elf like his comrades, he decides to venture to New York to find his original father. The movie is hilarious, as clean as a PG movie can get, and all of the junior high and high school students love it.

The clip we are using is the very famous scene when Buddy the elf, now working at Gimbel's department store, hears an announcement that Santa is coming to the department store tomorrow morning. Thinking it is the real Santa, Buddy gets very excited. He screams and his antics are hilarious.

After this, he meets Jovie, one of the other Gimbel's workers. At the end of their dialogue, Jovie is getting ready to leave when Buddy says, "But Santa's coming. There's so much to do." The scene ends with Jovie walking away. The scene starts at approximately 27:15, with Buddy and the Gimbel's manager walking down the hall together, and ends at about 28:20.

Scene Introduction:
Today we're watching a scene from the movie Elf. You've probably already seen the movie, but even if you haven't, there's not much you have to know. But whether you've seen the movie or not, I want you to pay close attention to Buddy's excitement about Santa's coming. He hears an announcement that Santa is going to come tomorrow, and he thinks it is actually the real Santa who Buddy has worked with at the North Pole.

Let's watch how knowing that Santa is coming affects Buddy's behavior and attitude.

Scene Script:
The scene begins with Buddy and his new boss walking down a hall and into the North Pole. The two talk a little, and then the boss turns to make an announcement to all the workers in the store.
    MANAGER: Okay people, tomorrow morning, ten a.m., Santa's coming to town.

    BUDDY: (screaming): SANTAAAA!! OH MY GOD! (BUDDY turns toward MANAGER) Santa here? I know him. I know him!

    MANAGER: He'll be here to take pictures with all the children.

    BUDDY: Yeah!

    MANAGER: Just keep your receipts. Ten a.m. tomorrow.

    BUDDY: Ten a.m. tomorrow!

    MANAGER: Santa's coming to town.

    BUDDY: Yeees!

    WORKER comes up to MANAGER with a clipboard.

    WORKER: Can you sign this for me?

    BUDDY: (to WORKER) Hey. (BUDDY begins to whisper) Santa's coming.

    Buddy then looks around and sees Jovie, a pretty blonde girl who also works in the store. The two talk and end with this final dialogue.

    ANNOUNCER ON LOUDSPEAKER: Attention all Gimbel's shoppers. Please make your final purchases. We will be closing in ten minutes.

    JOVIE: (to BUDDY) Well, it's time for me to go home.

    BUDDY: But Santa's coming. There's so much to do.

    JOVIE: Yeah, um, I'll see you tomorrow...

    BUDDY: Buddy.

    JOVIE: (putting out her hand to shake) Jovie.

    BUDDY: Hi.

    Jovie exits.

Transitional Statement:
It is so funny how excited Buddy is about Santa's coming to town. The very idea that Santa is coming changes everything about Buddy's demeanor. He is jumping up and down, screaming, smiling, squirming, and at the end of the scene he's even prepared to stay up all night preparing the store for Santa's arrival. Isn't it great when there is someone or something you're excited about and can't wait for? When we are excited about something, it changes the way that we act, the way we think, even the things we talk about.


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