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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Featured Article: Outreach Magazine awards Jonathan's book "DO THEY RUN WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING?" in the Best Outreach Resource awards


Outreach Magazine's June 2006 issue announced their 2005 "Best Outreach Resources" award. Jonathan's book, DO THEY RUN WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING? won in the Youth Outreach Category.

Outreach Magazine's panelist Jeremy Del Rio writes:

McKee's book might well be described as the little book that could. Small, unassuming and easy to use, one might not guess what a gem it truly is. Hailed by a veritable Who's Who of youth ministry gurus, including Les Christie (William Jessup University), Jim Burns (Partnering With Parents in Youth Ministry, Regal) and Wayne Rice (Understanding Your Teenager, W), McKee's insights hit a nerve.

The book's publisher, Youth Specialties, shares a recent letter to McKee from a youth pastor named Jonathan: "I used to think I did a halfway decent job reaching out to unchurched students, until your book smashed my illusion. Thank you, really. I needed to hear what you had to say."

"Do They Run...asks the question begging for scrutiny behind the walls of many of our evangelical enclaves," says panelist Jeremy Del Rio. "Why is so much of what Christians do irrelevant to the people Jesus commissioned us to lovingly reach?" McKee, Del Rio says, approaches his topic in a non-threatening way.

The focus of the book is practical application, which McKee shares through anecdotes and simple steps, all leading to his conclusion that evangelism is more than a presentation. It's not what we say? it's who we are. Says Del Rio: "It's an excellent resource to provoke youth ministers to rethink how and why Christ still calls us to be fishers of men."

-Jeremy Del Rio, Outreach Magazine, May/June 2006, page 71-


Something Free You Can Use Now: A Great Video Clip and Discussion on Forgiveness vs. Revenge from "24, Season Three"

Ever looking for a discussion starter for youth group? Here's an idea with discussion questions, a scripture, and a wrap up talk. For free, as always!

(just head to your local video store
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Forgiveness vs. Revenge
Written by Matt Furby

Main Point: God does not want for us to take revenge on those who offend us.

Attention Grabber: TV Series Clip - 24, Season Three, Episode 15 (3:00AM), 20th Century Fox

24 is a very intense and entertaining series about a man named Jack Bauer working for CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles. Season Three is about the threat of a weaponized virus being introduced to the main population of the US. The series is very well-written and unpredictable. However, there are a few "mild" swear words and some mild violence. This particular film clip may be more suitable for a high school group rather than a junior high group.

Clip: "I just didn't think I was going to feel this way."
This particular clip is a wonderful illustration of how useless revenge really is. The scene takes place right after Nina Myers, a terrorist and the murderer of Jack Bauer's wife, has just been killed by Jack Bauer. Jack's daughter Kim also works at CTU, and is now trying to process the death of her mother's killer. She explains that she has always wanted her mother's killer dead, but it didn't turn out to feel as great as she'd hoped. The scene begins right at 2:46, when Jack says, "Nina tried to escape." This follows a question which includes the word "Hell," so I decided to start the scene just past it. If you don't have a problem with the word, then you're more than welcome to start at the beginning of the scene. In this case, avoiding it doesn't seem to me to take away from the scene. Jack explains to Chapelle (Jack's superior) what happened and the two leave together. Kim is now left alone with her boyfriend (and Jack's partner) Chase. Kim and Chase discuss the event of Nina's death. The scene ends when Chase and Kim exit together, at approximately 4:23.

Scene Introduction:
Has anyone made you so angry that you wished that they would just die? Has anyone done something to you that you just wanted nothing more than to get back at them? What goes around comes around, right? We're going to watch a scene from the series 24 right now, that deals with revenge. In the scene, Jack Bauer has just killed his wife's murderer. His daughter works at the office where it all went down, and now the daughter discusses her feelings about revenge and the fact that the lady who killed her mother has just died. Let's listen to how Kim feels, now that her mother's killer is dead.

Scene Script:
    JACK: Nina tried to escape.

    CHAPELLE: Yeah, I know she tried to escape. How did she get shot?

    JACK: She pulled her gun. I pulled mine in self-defense.

    CHAPELLE: Just like that?

    JACK: Just like that.

    CHAPELLE: Nina was our best chance at locating this virus. She was a material witness in an ongoing investigation.

    JACK: (stepping close to CHAPELLE) I know exactly what she was, Ryan.

    CHAPELLE: Division's going to want me to certify this shooting.

    JACK: Then do it.

    CHAPELLE: You have to come with me and look at security playback.

    JACK: Fine.

    (JACK and CHAPELLE begin to leave, and the camera focuses on KIM in the background. CHASE enters.)

    CHASE: Kim, you alright?

    KIM: Yeah, I'm okay.

    CHASE: I got here as soon as I heard.

    JACK: (walking past KIM) Sweetheart, I've gotta go with Chapelle for a moment. I'll be back as soon as I can.

    CHASE: I'll stay with her, Jack.

    KIM: (to JACK) It's okay, I'm fine.

    (JACK exits, and now CHASE and KIM are alone.)

    KIM: She tried to kill me.

    CHASE: It's over now, okay? Your father stopped her.

    KIM: Yeah, except I don't know what happened.

    CHASE: What do you mean?

    KIM: He told me to leave the room, and I heard shots.

    CHASE: Kim, you're safe, okay? That's all that matters.

    KIM: I don't know. Ever since she killed my mother, I've been wanting Nina dead. And now that she is, it's not gonna bring my mother back. And I just didn't think I was going to feel this way.

    CHASE: How do you feel?

    KIM: I'm not sure.

    CHASE: It's okay. Come on.

    (CHASE and KIM exit.)
Transition Statement:
I love the series of 24, because it shows a lot of truth in the way God made people. This clip is a prime example. All throughout watching 24, I totally identified with Kim Bauer, in just wanting Nina dead. Watching the series, I saw that she was evil and dangerous, and that she deserved death. But in watching Kim's reaction to Nina's death, I found very quickly that Kim was right: revenge is worthless. As you'll see in a little while, the Bible makes it very clear that revenge is not our job. When we want revenge, we have a serious problem in our hearts. Let's split up into our discussion groups and discuss God's view and our own views on revenge.


Discussion Questions:

Quick Illustration: Tell your students that you're going to start the discussion in just a moment. But first, you kind of want to do something. Then take a piece of paper, crumple it up, and throw it at one of the members of your small group, and then wait. Don't say anything. Naturally the student should take the piece of paper and throw it right back at you. If they don't, take another piece of paper (or the same one, if the student will hand it back to you), and throw it at another student. If the students in your group are normal, they'll throw the paper back at you. If you've got a group of boys, it'll probably happen much faster than with girls. But let them overstep their boundaries for a moment. Be sure to stop the students before they get out of hand. Without explaining why you threw the paper at your students, tell them you want to pray. Pray for the Lord to give your group focus and for Him to speak through His Word to their hearts. Now you are ready for the questions.

  1. So what happened when I threw the paper at you guys?

  2. Why did you throw it back?




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