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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

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Something Free You Can Use Now: Black Eyed Peas "Gone Going" complete discussion starter with game, small group questions, scripture and a wrap up talk

Ever looking for something relevant for youth group... something that hits them where they're at, but also shares the truth of scripture?

Well check out a brand new FREE (as always) piece of curriculum from my friend Teddi that we just added to our SPIRITUAL GROWTH AGENDAS on our web site's CURRICULUM & JUMPSTARTERS page. This curriculum uses the Black Eyed Peas popular song "Gone Going" as a discussion starter, and then provides you the game, discussion questions, scripture, small group material and even a wrap up talk. What more could you ask for?

Check it out!

Black Eyed Peas -Gone Going

Storing Treasures That Please God

Main Point: Store up treasures that please God

Opening Activity:
As students arrive welcome them at the door and give them the choice between a small candy bar or a ticket (like a carnival style ticket or a Monopoly style form of money or a home made version of money like "Baptist Bucks" with your pastor's photo in the middle) which they may spend later on "other candies." They'll ask about what they can buy later and you will simply reply that they will have to wait and see. "Make a choice now, take a snack now or wait until the end of your meeting time to get a snack." Don't allow trading, don't allow long periods of decision making time, just make them chose and send them into your meeting area.

Transition Statement (intro. optional game)
If you have snacks, finish up cause we're about to get started. If you have tickets, just store them away until later. We're going to divide you into two groups. Team A is on this side of the room, Team B on that side of the room.

Optional Game:
You can play a game called Capture the Wardrobe. (Basic capture the flag, but stealing items of clothing instead of a flag.) Each team has a home mannequin or volunteer draped with popular clothing and accessories (don't worry-kids won't be stripping the mannequin or volunteer... just removing a few accessories). Your goal as a team is to protect the items on your own mannequin while also stealing the most valuable items off the other team's mannequin (mannequins don't move... they just stand still). Each team is allowed only one mannequin guard and that guard may not be closer than 5 feet from the mannequin (or if you have a basketball court, you can use the "key" as the safe zone). You must get any of several designated items off of the mannequin/volunteer and return to home base without being tagged. If you are tagged, you are escorted to the designated jail in enemy territory and can only be freed if someone makes it to the jail without being tagged-the entire jail is freed.

The game is timed by the music. When you hear the music start, you may go, when the music stops, all play is over and no more items can be added to your vault. Background music for this game is "Gone Going" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Team with the HIGHEST VALUE OF ITEMS COLLECTED wins. On the inside of each item place a sticker with a dollar amount for value. Play as many rounds as time allows.

Possible Items: (check your local Goodwill or find volunteers who have grown out of some clothing items that will work for your group. Name brands aren't important to everyone, but students will relate to "stylish items" being worth more than run-of-the mill stuff.) (Important Note: Designate which items they are to grab. Any sweatshirts or t-shirts should be draped across the mannequin for easy removal... we don't want kids stripping these "mannequins" of their real clothes.)

Abercrombie T-Shirts
Roxy Sweatshirts
Oakley Sunglasses
Ball Caps
Designer jeans
Designer shorts

Transition Statement:
Have a seat and we'll add up the teams' totals. A couple of quick questions I want to throw at you:

Optional Large Group Questions: (have someone tallying points while you throw out these questions)
  • What made you want to grab this pair of shorts/jeans/?
  • How much do you think these sunglasses should be worth?
  • When you see people wearing this brand, what do you think about them?
  • What brand do you prefer to wear?
  • What's most important in a good pair of shoes?
Announce winning team as amounts are totaled. No prizes are necessary.

Transition Statement:
Maybe you noticed the song we played while you were scrambling for your fashion. It's called "Gone Going" by the Black Eyed Peas. They put out some controversial music and I am not suggesting you go buy their albums, but I wanted to take a closer look at this one song. I'll play it again and I've got the lyrics printed up for you to read along.

(Pass out lyrics and pencils to students. Lyrics below.)

I'm going to play the song through one more time. This time please underline phrases that jump out at you. Maybe you disagree or agree with something being said. When the song is over at the bottom of your page write what you think is the song's main point.

(Play song again and allow students 3 minutes to come up with a main point/idea.)

    "Gone Going"

    Johnny wanna be a big star
    Get on stage and play the guitar
    Make a little money, buy a fancy car
    Big old house and an alligator
    Just to match with them alligator shoes
    He's a rich man so he's no longer singing the blues
    He's singing songs about material things
    And platinum rings and watches that go bling
    But, diamonds don't bling in the dark
    He a star now, but he ain't singing from the heart
    Sooner or later he's just gonna fall apart
    Coz his fans can't relate to his new found art
    He ain't doing what he did from the start
    And that's putting in some feeling and thought
    He decided to live his life shallow
    Passion is love for material

    And its gone... gone... going...
    Gone... everything gone... give a damn...
    Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing...
    Gone people... up awkward with their things... gone.
    You see yourself in the mirror
    And you feel safe coz it looks familiar
    But you afraid to open up your soul
    Coz you don't really know, don't really know
    Who he is, the person that's deep within
    Coz you are content with just being the name-brand man
    And you fail to see that its trivial
    Insignificant, you addicted to material
    I've seen your kind before
    You're the type that thinks souls is sold in a store
    Packaged up with incense sticks
    With them vegetarian meals
    To you that's righteous
    You're fiction like books
    You need to go out to life and look
    Coz... what happens when they take your material
    You already sold your soul and its...


    You say that time is money and money is time
    So you got mind in your money and your money on your mind
    But what about... that crime that you did to get paid
    And what about... that bid, you can't take it to your brain
    What about those shoes you'll wear today
    They'll do no good on the bridges you walked along the way

    All that money that you got gonna be gone
    That gear that you rock gonna be gone
    The house up on the hill gonna be gone
    The gold purse on your grill gonna be gone
    The ice on your wrist gonna be gone
    That nice little Miss gonna be gone
    That whip that you roll gonna be gone
    And what's worst is your soul's already gone

Large Group Questions:
  1. According to this song... what happens to material things?

  2. What is the main point of this song? What makes you think that? Do you agree or disagree with that point? Why?

  3. What do you suppose God thinks about this song?
Transition Statement (into Small groups)
We're going to look at a passage of the Bible that talks about wanting special stuff; like our mannequins wore and like the subject of this song. We're going to do that in small groups. Let's break up into small groups now.


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