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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

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A Peek at What's Coming from THE SOURCE: A note from Jonathan

I'm heading out to the Dallas YS convention but I wanted to give you a quick update of some of the exciting things you have to look forward to from us at THE SOURCE.

Eventmaker: Ever wonder how to plan an outreach event that draws "unchurched" kids and gives you an opportunity to share Christ with them? Well, we have been working on an online event-planning tool that will not only provide you the basics for this kind of programming, but walk you through planning an actual outreach event.

We are wrapping up our finishing touches on the prototype of this online tool. THE GOOD NEWS: It's going to be completely free on our web site. THE NOT SO GOOD NEWS: This isn't going to be ready until next year. THE GREAT NEWS ... we are going to release the prototype of EVENTMAKER on our 2005 Outreach Resource CD available this November/December. See below for more details about this great resource.

THE SOURCE 2005 Outreach Resource CD: Every once in a while we like to put some new resources and ideas on a special CD to offer to our EZINE subscribers. And you know how we love to give things away, so ... we'll be giving away this CD for free to the first 2,000 youth workers who buy Jonathan's new book when it's released this December.

This CD will contain the prototype of EVENTMAKER, a great new event-planning tool that does the planning for you. It will also contain 52 of the best "Out of the Box" Outreach Event Ideas you can use in your own ministry-a year supply, if you're really ambitious! This CD will also contain the "Reaching Out to the Unchurched" Power Point Training mini-seminar that corresponds with a chapter right out of Jonathan's new book, enabling you to teach the material to your student and adult leaders.

Again- this CD will be given away completly free to the first 2,000 who pre-purchase Jonathan's new book. CLICK HERE to find out more about this great book and to sign up your email address on the pre-sale email list. Everyone on this email list will be the first ones notified about the presale of this book.

Movie Reviews: Most of you know that I like to keep current with what kids are watching and also offer my 2 cents about good films to watch. Pop on our Movie Review page and check out some great reviews of new films and videos. A few highlights:
Two More Movies of Interest this Month: This weekend kids will flock to the theatres to see teen superstar Hilary Duff in her new film Raise Your Voice. I'll be seeing a special screening of this film tonight and posting a review on our MOVIE REVIEW page this Friday. Find out what your kids will be watching!

Another film will be released this month called The Dust Factory. I got a chance to screen this film starring Hayden Panettiere. Watch for my review and find out my 2 cents as well as some discussion ideas that the film provokes.

Also- catch a little insight into the behind the scenes from my interview with Hayden Panettiere, the young actress that you might remember from Raising Helen, Joe Somebody and Remember the Titans. COMING THIS MONTH.


Something You Can Use: A Movie Perfect for Halloween Weekend

October is here and in the U.S., that means that stores are already stocking tons of Halloween decorations. Kids are buying costumes and people are purchasing candy. And whether you like Halloween or totally disagree with it ... many of our kids are into it. So what should we do about it?

Why not offer a fun event on that weekend?

Call it what you want- but here's an idea for a Movie Night on Halloween Weekend.

For decades people have loved to subject themselves to scary or intense movies. And Halloween is the time of year that kids seem to love it the most. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Next week the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow comes to video and DVD. The plot is simple. A new ice age is coming, but only a handful of scientists see it. And they aren't taken seriously ... until it's too late! The polar ice caps are melting, the ocean is rising, and much of America is destroyed. (CLICK HERE for my review of the film.)

This film is pretty entertaining, and it opens the door to some great discussion. Discussion groups might not be appropriate for this event, but the film might serve as a springboard for future discussion. Especially a powerful scene between Jack (Dennis Quaid) and scientist Terry Rapson (Ian Holme). Jack finds out that they have just 72 hours before complete disaster. Feeling helpless, he asks Terry, "What can we do?" Terry responds, "Save as many as you can." A great scene to talk about the subject of evangelism.


This Week: YS Dallas, Krispy Kreme's and Jonathan's New Book

This Thursday is the first day of the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention in Dallas, TX. This event is in three cities across the U.S. again this fall, and THE SOURCE will be at all three conventions.

Some things you'll want to know about THE SOURCE at the conventions this year:
  • Jonathan will be teaching his "Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers" seminar (CLICK HERE) at all three conventions. His Dallas seminar will be on Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

  • In Addition, we at THE SOURCE will have our booth at all three conventions ... and THIS WEEK we'll be giving away Krispy Kremes, Red Vines and all kinds of other goodies at the booth. Make sure you stop by if you're attending.

  • Jonathan's new book, "Do They Run When They See You Coming? Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers" published by YS will also be highlighted at THE SOURCE's booth at this convention. Pre-purchase for this book will start soon. Anyone who pre-purchases this book will receive the new "Out of the Box Outreach CD" for free. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE ARE ALREADY SAYING ABOUT THIS BOOK OR TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN IT IS AVALIABLE. The book hit's the shelves on December 3rd.

Register Now for Jonathan's "Reaching Out To Unchurched Teenagers" Training in Milwaukee, WI this November!

On November 13th, Jonathan is doing a Saturday workshop (9AM to 3PM) for student leaders and youth workers in the greater Milwaukee and Chicago area. If you're a youth worker (volunteer or paid) or if you have staff or student leaders that want to reach out to the "unchurched," this is the place for you!

Here's the details:

    Saturday November 13th, 9AM to 3PM

    Two choices:
      $20 after November 5th or at the door (includes lunch)

      ONLY $10 if you pre-register by November 5th (includes lunch)


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