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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

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Featured: Yet Another Super Bowl Party Idea

By Jonathan McKee
January 21, 2003

So you might have a Super Bowl Party already planned, but you don't know what to do other than watch the big game! Well- don't settle for that- you can turn this into a great event! If you don't already have a Super Bowl party planned- rethink it- it's a good one! (For those of you out of the U.S., we're pretty fanatical about our football here- bear with us!)

Here's the basics on what to do.

That's right, you need a place to watch the game. If your youth group is small, someone's house is great! If you have a large group, you can use a youth room, a gym, anyplace you can find and set up a big screen and projector. (Don't forget that you'll need some sort of TV tuner with reception hooked up to the projector- worse case scenario, a VCR with a pair of rabbit ears!)

Super Bowl Sunday of course. Sunday, January 26th.

That's right- I always get some good prizes that I advertise before-hand. In the past I've gotten dinner certificates, ski tickets, sports memorabilia, etc. The prizes go to those who do best on the "Super Bowl Quiz." You'll see . . . keep reading!

Depending on what you do and what your budget is. If your ministry has a strong budget and you want to provide a good outreach for your students to bring their friends to- then make it FREE. If you have no budget, you can charge a few bucks to cover sodas, ("pop," for all you from Minnesota) snacks, and any prizes you couldn't get donated.

The agenda for this event is pretty easy. You give them a quiz (see SUPER BOWL PARTY QUIZ below ) as they enter the party. They have to fill it out before going in (or entering the main room). Certain questions have to do with the beginning of the game- so if they come late- they can still fill out the quiz- but they miss those questions. Don't allow anyone to fill out the quiz past the first quarter- they'll have an unfair advantage with the final score, etc.

Then you just let everyone enjoy the game. I stand up several times through the game and do a quick Up Front Game (see my Up Front Games page: and give a little prize away. Then at the end, I tally up the quizzes and give away the grand prizes.

It's a great event where students can get to know each other. (Guess what, I did this at my adult Sunday School class- each couple takes a quiz together! Great fun! )


The quiz is one of the fun aspects of the party. This is the quiz that you give each student as they walk in the party. The quiz asks some basic football knowledge questions, and some questions specific to the game that day. A lot of the questions are just plain luck- like whether Coke or Pepsi will have the first commercial. Other questions might ask who will get the most yards, etc.

Have students take the quiz before they enter- and you have a group of staff tally up the scores as the game ends. (Some of the answers won't be complete until the finish of the game. i.e.: Who is going to win?)

I've made up a possible quiz for you with the help of my die-hard football-fan friend Brian, and my mom, who knows more about football than anyone I know. (Go mom!) Feel free to also look at or for more good information on the teams, half time shows, etc. so you can add, change, or verify more quiz questions.

NOTE: Most of these answers are determined during the game- and you'll need to take notes during the Super Bowl game to make your answer key for correcting the quizzes at the end!


1. What teams are playing in today's Super Bowl?
    A. St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans
    B. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders
    C. San Francisco 49ers vs. Pittsburg Steelers
    D. Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots
    E. L.A Lakers vs. Boston Red Socks

2. In what city is the Super Bowl being played?
    A. Miami
    B. San Francisco
    C. Rio Linda
    D. New Orleans
    E. San Diego

3. At the coin toss, what will the player call?
    A. Heads
    B. Tails
4. What will the result of the coin toss be?
    A. Heads
    B. Tails
5. Name one of the Head Coaches for either team in today's Super Bowl
    ANSWER: John Gruden (Tampa Bay) and Bill Callahan (Oakland)

6. Today's Super Bowl is Super Bowl number _______?
    A. 27
    B. 37
    C. 34
    D. 45

7. Who will Score first?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
8. What team is the Home Team in today's Super Bowl? (Dark uniforms)
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland

    ANSWER: Tampa Bay (or the NFC team)
9. Who will Score the first field goal?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. There will be NO Field Goals
10. What team lost last year's Super Bowl
    A. Minnesota Vikings
    B. St Louis Rams
    C. New England Patriots
    D. Denver Broncos
    E. San Francisco 49ers

11. Who will not perform at the Super Bowl? (circle correct answer)
    A. No Doubt
    B. Shania Twain
    C. Santana and Friends
    D. The Dixie Chicks
    E. Britney Spears
    F. Celine Dion

    ANSWER: E. Britney Spears
12. Who will be ahead at the end of the first quarter?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. Tie Score
13. How many instant replay challenges can a team have per half in the Super Bowl?
    A. Two
    B. Three
    C. Unlimited
    D. None
14. How many points is a safety worth?
    ANSWER: 2
15. Who will be ahead at half time?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. Tie Score
16. How long is a football field from the back of one end zone to the back of the opposite end zone?
    A. 100 yards
    B. 130 yards
    C. 120 yards
    D. 90 yards
17. Who will punt first in today's game?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
18. Who are the guys in the black and white striped uniforms?
    A. The Zebras
    B. The Officials
    C. The Bengals
    D. The Raiders
    E. I don't know, but that material would make a lovely window dressing.

19. What team will receive the kickoff in the second half?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
20. How many total players are playing on the football field at one time?
    ANSWER: 22
21. After the coin toss, which soft drink commercial will we see first?
    A. Coke (including Diet Coke)
    B. Pepsi (including Diet Pepsi)
    C. Mountain Dew
    D. Dr. Pepper
    E. Sprite
    F. Other
22. Today's Super Bowl will be played on grass or Astro-turf? (Circle one)
    ANSWER: grass
23. Who will make the first catch for the Buccaneers?
    A. Keyshawn Johnson
    B. J.J. Stokes
    C. Ronde Barber
    D. Mike Alstott
    E. Joe Jurevicius
    F. Someone else
24. Who will make the first run over 5 yards for the Buccaneers (not a wide receiver)?
    A. Mike Alstott
    B. Brad Johnson
    C. Michael Pittman
    D. Garrison Hearst
    E. Someone else
25. Who will make the first catch for the Raiders?
    A. Jerry Rice
    B. Jerry Porter
    C. Terell Owens
    D. Tim Brown
    E. Doug Jolley
    F. Someone else
26. Who will make the first run over 5 yards for the Raiders (not a wide receiver)?
    A. Charlie Garner
    B. Zack Crockett
    C. Tyrone Wheatley
    D. Rich Gannon
    E. Someone else
27. What team will have the first turnover (fumble, interception or safety)?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. There will be NO turnovers
28. What team will score the first touchdown?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. There will be NO touchdowns
29. Who will win the Super Bowl?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Oakland
    C. Tennessee
    D. San Francisco
    E. The Network
30. What will the COMBINED total score be? (closest person gets big points)

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