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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON GROSS GAMES? Reactions to the Gross Games Article

By Jonathan McKee
March 12, 2002

Last week I included an article in this EZINE about a church that was getting sued for gross games.? If you haven't read it- check out the archives page: (bottom article)

I received some very interesting reactions to this article.? Below is one of those responses. --Jonathan--

(spelling and grammar left as is)
Johnathon, I found it very amusing that in your last news letter you encouraged us if we needed games that were not gross and disgusting and where we wouldn't be sued to check out your site. I belive a varation of the game is on your site. I have been in ministry for 12 years and have been part of some of the largest churches in the U.S. and I have never found that sick and disgusting games do anything for our groups. I actually have trouble finding good games on your site. I also found it amusing that you promote this "crap" yet sounded hypocritical when you tell people to check out your web site for things that won't get you sued. Make any sense? I do have a large collection of fun games we use and have come up with, that get our students involved and knowing each other in an absoulte fun way. The games are out there. I believe that our students want more than sick and disgusting humor at their expense and they do not want to be embarrased in front of their piers in a sick way.
They deserve more. So maybe you could screen your games you post better. And I say "way to go parents" for holding us to a high standard! standard.???? --"Jane Doe"--

Well, there you have it.? What do YOU think?
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'This event was sent in by Jeff, a youth worker who works for my publisher, Gospel Light.? Jeff said this one's been around for a while- but it always works well for him. --Jonathan--

Load up the kids and leaders into a few vehicles, giving each team 2 pennies. Once in the cars, hand one penny to one kid and the other penny to another kid. Each of them will flip their pennies to determine where the team will go. At each major intersection (stop sign or stop light), the position of the flipped pennies will determine your course. Flip 2 heads and you go right. 2 tails and you go left. 1 of each and you go straight. Flip your pennies early and plan ahead so you won't have to swerve over 3 lanes at 45 MPH just so you can turn left! The object is to go as far as possible in the allotted time. You could either base the winner on total distance traveled or on the furthest away a team was able to get from the church parking lot. We like to give about an hour total travel time. Make sure drivers allow themselves enough time to return within the allotted time. It is best to have leaders drive and of course, drivers must obey all traffic laws and must not be the ones to flip the pennies. This is a great time to hang out and have a good time with a few kids and maybe one other leader. My wife and I have actually done this with my brother_in_law and his fiancee to decide where to go for dinner! Good times! You could even do this with your wife and kids for a family night. It gets everyone involved. Enjoy!? -Jeff-

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Last week I told you about it . . . the Hideous Heap Contest.?? I have an ugly youth worker's car.? It's an 83 nasty-yellow Volvo.? Well . . . Youth Specialties and I want to reward a youth worker out there who drives the ugliest car.? The Source came up with THE HIDEOUS HEAP CONTEST, and Youth Specialties is sponsoring the prize.? Check it out:

We are putting on a contest for all youth workers, volunteer or paid, to reward them for driving a "hideous heap!"? If you drive one of these pathetic vehicles, keep reading or just pop onto our web page and click on the picture of the "Hideous Heap!"?

Youth Specialties is sponsoring this contest and is giving their new IDEAS LIBRARY on CD ROM for the prize (a $180 value).?


1.? Take a picture of your HIDEOUS HEAP!? Scan it, digitize it, do whatever you have to do to email it to us!? No snail mail in this contest.? If you can make this happen_ go on to point number 2!

2.? Email us at with the following:
The picture of your heap
Your name
Your phone number
Your role as a youth worker (are you a volunteer, are you paid, do you clean up after the slobs in the junior high room?)
And a description of your heap, 30 words or less (e.g. My yellow Volvo might be ugly, but she RUNS!? No stereo, no air, just gets me and the kids from here to there.? --Jonathan-- )

3.? Jonathan McKee of The Source and Mike Atkinson of Youth Specialties will judge all entries the last day of March and post the winner on April Fools Day!

Just click on the picture of the "Hideous Heap"
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God Bless!

Jonathan R. McKee

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