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Tuesday, January 8, 2002

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REMEMBER Y2K? Larry Norman would be proud

by Jonathan McKee
January 8, 2002

Wow!  It's 2002.  Remember 2 years ago when we were all getting over the Y2K scare?  Well I was inspired to write a song (to be sung to the tune of Larry Norman's/DC Talk's "Wish We'd All Been Ready")

        December was filled with runs to the store
        and my 4 generators were strapped to the kitchen floor

        I wish we hadn't been . . . so . . . read . . .dy

        I bought 5 pallets of canned food with the car I sold
        The pantry full of bread is covered all in mold

        I wish we hadn't been . . . so . . . read . . .dy

        There was time . . . to change my mind
        But I emptied my retirement fund . . . and Y2K kicked my behind!

        (Harmonize now) I wish I had time . . .to change my mind
        My fanatical friend was wrong . . . and Y2K kicked our behind!

That song goes out to all those who had a garage sale 2 years ago selling 4 generators, 5 pallets of canned food, 900 candles, 200 gallons of water, 3 pitbulls, 2 goats and 1,000 shotgun shells.


_Green Oatmeal_
This is a fun game if you have the ability to shoot and show video.  Some crazy guys down in Southern CA did this at a camp I spoke at.

The game is simple, you get a handful (3 or 4) of brave volunteers who race to eat their bowl of green oatmeal the fastest.  This is best if recorded on camera and projected on the big screen.  Award a first, second and third place so all volunteers keep eating throughout.

When they finish have one of your staff ask, "Hey Jonathan,' where do you get green oatmeal?"  You answer, "That's a good question," and show them.

Play a pre_recorded video of you and another staff member in your office, home, wherever, with a large (very large) pan or bowl of oatmeal.  Drop green food coloring in it and then dialogue about how to stir it.  "Do you have a big spoon?"  "No.  Do you?"  "No."  "Then what are we going to use?"  "HEY!  I got an idea!"

Each person in the video takes off his shoes and socks.  This is a great opportunity to show close_ups of your feet when the socks come off. (pre_dirty your feet with some dirt and grease (PAM) between each toe).  Then stick your feet in the oatmeal and start sloshing around in it to mix it up.  As the camera tilts up to your faces, both can say, "That's how you make green oatmeal!"

(Note: for obvious health reasons, don't use that oatmeal as the oatmeal they eat!)  Audience will love it, volunteers will . . .?
(Thanks to Rux and the guys down in Southern CA for the idea!)

_Human Twister_
You will need two dice and about twelve 3X5 cards for every six people in your group. Separate the group into teams of exactly six and give each person in the group a number 1_6 (if one group has less than six people give some people two numbers). The leader will role the dice, the first one will represent a person and the second will represent a body part (1=foot, 2=knee, 3=hip 4=elbow, 5=hand, 6=nose) if your group is brave make 5=armpit. You will role the two dice twice. After the first role you say, "Number 5's nose" and you roll again and say, "number 2's armpit" whatever combination of person and body part is called must then be connected with a 3X5 card in between the two body parts. Each team keeps going until they cannot connect the two parts or one of the earlier cards drops to the floor. The last team to successfully connect two body parts wins the game.
added by Scott Sagle

_Ice Cream Mayo Surprise_
You have to plan ahead to do this. Buy cheap vanilla ice cream and a jar of cheap mayonnaise. Put the mayo in a Tupperware dish and freeze. (mayonnaise when frozen looks exactly like vanilla ice cream.) Before the contest, scoop out the ice cream into a bowl and do likewise to mayo. You decide how many of each. Keep frozen until the last minute.

Set the contest up as just a typical ice cream eating contest, hands behind their backs, etc.

The look on the person who eats the frozen mayo is priceless.
Added by Randy

_Hunger and Thirst _
Ken sent this creative illustration in_ sounded good:

I have a George Foreman grill that works great for this. I use Matthew 5:6 and talk about being hungry and thirsty for the things of God. The twist? I grab a couple of steaks (your choice of type) and begin the session by cooking the steaks on the grill in front of the group. Don't even mention it at first. As the smell grows, and mouths water, and stomachs growl, discuss the same kind of desire and yearning for things that please God: prayer, witnessing, bible reading, church, and most of all for His presence in our lives.  At the end I use the steaks as a reward for a game, or for visitors. Lot's of fun and I still, to this date, have teens call me "the steak man" and tell of how God challenged them to truly hunger for Him.
Added by Ken Duty

_The Sponge_
On the lookout for a quick and easy game?  Divide your group in rows. In front of each row place a bucket with water and a sponge. At the back place an empty bucket to collect water. When the time starts running, the person in the front dips the sponge and passes it to the back of the line where the last person squeezes the water into the bucket. The row that manages to collect the most water wins.  Be prepared for wet bodies and floors!
Added by Elizabeth Oliveras

COMING THIS YEAR: Some New Resources to Look for!

We've got some great new stuff coming out in 2002, starting with the new website.  Check out a preview of the front page:
Don't worry, Jonathan's Resources isn't ceasing to exist, but in the next month or so, it's changing locations, changing its look, and serving you even better.

Jonathan is starting THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY.  His new web site will be dedicated to bringing you the best resources . . . FOR FREE!  It will include all the great resources that provides right now, and even more.

I just signed a contract with Gospel Light last week for my new book they will be publishing this Fall.  I'm sure you all want to buy one from the guy who gives you so much free stuff!    :)

You'll be getting new staff training material and ministry development original articles from Jonathan, new movie clip discussion starters, games, and events, and you'll be hearing exclusive bits from Dr. Steve Farrar, Walt Muellar, and much, much more!

If you have any other youth ministry ideas you want to share, please email me

God Bless!

Jonathan R. McKee

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