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Get On Board
This team builder can be used with just one group of students, or with several groups of students “competing” against one another. All you need is one 8’ long 2X4 for each team. Here’s what you do.

Tell the students to get into groups/teams of 5. Next, hand them each a 2X4 and tell them to lay it on the ground and step onto it. After everyone is “on board” (get it?), explain that they are to arrange themselves in order of their birthdays, earliest to latest. The first team to properly align themselves, wins. BUT! There are two conditions under which they must work:

1. They cannot talk…at all.
2. They cannot step off the board. (If they fall off the board while trying to configure themselves, they must start all over again, in the same order.)

You can call time, or wait till one team declares themselves the winner. Either way, to check them, at the end of the competition, just have the students whip out their driver’s license or student I.D.

Idea by Cassondra

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   rapscallions5         4/1/2016 7:41:29 AM

This is going to be a blast lined up on either the side of the pool... can't fall off the tile and if you fall in, it's going to be chillllly!!! Love it!