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Egg Tower
This is a great team builder for any group, because athleticism isn’t a requirement. Absolutely everybody in your group can participate! Here’s what you do.

Divide the group into equal teams, no more than 4 people big. Give each team the exact same amount of newspaper, the exact same amount of tape, and 1 egg.

The object is simple: teams must work together to build a tower that will support the weight of their egg. The team with the tallest tower (that can stand on its own power) is the winner.

NOTE TO LEADER: It’s best to give the team about 4 minutes at the beginning to brainstorm their plan, and then give them about 10 minutes to pull it off.

OPTIONAL: You can also award points for “most unique tower” and “tower with the coolest name.”

Idea by Nick

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   Shai         7/21/2016 7:13:18 PM

This activity is nice especially when the theme of the program is all about building strong foundation or something like that.

   jeigh         1/21/2016 1:24:51 PM

good team activity