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Team Builder

Spider Web
To set up this team builder, find a place that has poles already sunk into the ground that are about 8-15 feet apart from one another. (Think of the pavilion at your local playground or park; they are covered areas that are usually supported by columns at the four corners.)
Divide your group into equal teams of at least 10 students and give each team a roll of string. Tell them they have 5 minutes to construct a “web” between their two posts. They can go as high or as low as they want, just have them wrap and wrap until time expires. Now you are ready to play.

Tell the teams they must move everyone of their team members “through” the web. They will have to pick one another up, support each other, and pass their teammates through the web. The first team to get all their players through the web, wins.

The only rule is that all players on the team must go OVER the lowest string. (In other words, players can't simply crawl under the web.)

NOTE: Have at least one adult leader positioned at each web to monitor the team’s safety.

Idea by Brandy

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