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Pile Up
Supplies: A twin-sized bedsheet for each team.

Make two groups of even numbers. Take the two sheets and give one to each group. Have the group lay their sheet down flat on the ground, and tell them that the entire team must stand on the sheet together at the same time, with no one touching any part of the ground that is not covered by the sheet.
Next, have the team get off the sheet and fold it in half. Now instruct them to get their team back on the sheet, once again all of them standing on it together with no one touching any part of the ground other than what is covered by the sheet.
Once they have accomplished this, have them get off of the sheet, fold it in half again, and repeat the process.
The goal of the game is to see which team can have their entire team on the smallest area of sheet. Tell them to do whatever it takes to fit their group on the sheet, even if it means they must carry each other or pile up on each other.

The Point: No team can do this without full cooperation from every member of the group. They need each other, some for creativity, some for leadership, and some for pure strength and coordination. You can put the focus on communication or on the fact that everyone in the group has something to offer the entire group.

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