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Blind Square
This is a quick, but effective teambuilding activity.

1.) As many blindfolds as you have team members
2.) 1 large rope, at least 40 feet in length

Simply blindfold all your team members and throw a rope on the ground next to them. Tell them to make a square, using the full length of the rope lying on the ground next to them. Give them no further instructions.

There is no trick. It’s just great to see who takes charge, how they organize the corners, if one person facilitates from the middle, etc.

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   sheila         9/6/2016 11:16:33 PM

team building game

   helene         1/17/2014 11:51:34 PM

we can use thisw at our gatherings...great ideas!!

   colin         8/20/2013 11:51:36 PM

we could sure use this activities in our programs.

   kim          8/15/2013 8:40:54 PM

Super sunday

   Shannon         9/3/2012 1:42:17 PM

This is awesome, it really let me see who my true leaders were and also, who my team players were and who I needed to kick off the team. Thank you!! :)

   Johnson         7/19/2012 8:59:45 AM

Wonderful an excellent activity.

   dom         3/8/2012 3:54:30 PM

team building

   Sultana Johansen         10/23/2011 8:43:58 PM