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Car Restoration - 'Restore My Ride'
Supplies: Junk cars, paint, painting supplies, and cleaning supplies/equipment.

Got a big ole hooptie or an ugly little junker that still runs? Have your team “restore” it! If you have more than one hooptie owner, you can break your group up in teams and have a contest for most original “restoration” job. Allow me to elaborate.

This idea is based off an idea submitted by Jake & Vicki Hookham:
    My 1986 Olds Delta 88 was white and crying out for some love (it looks like a grandma car, and that's exactly who died right before it was donated to me).

    To pull in a couple of unchurched skaters, I invited them beforehand, got all the colors of house paint I could. We surprised the skaters and painted the car with it. I told them I needed their help to paint something big, had them all stand in the parking lot, told them to wait for me while I went to the car to get it, then brought the car.

    Everyone had lots of fun plastering "things about God,” our church's address and slogan all over my car. The kids feel unified whenever they see it around town.

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   Tay         11/4/2015 6:41:53 AM

Please be mindful of the terms you use when ministering to youth. What is the meaning of "ghetto"?