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Big Bad Wolf
Supplies: LOTS of newspaper and LOTS of tape.

Wanna see how well your group does building something together? Try this fun exercise.

Divide students into teams of 4-6. Give each team enough newspaper and tape to build a newspaper shelter of some kind. It must be big enough to get three team members inside. Set a time limit on how long you want to give teams to work on the project.

The Big Bad Wolf (youth leader) then attempts to blow the shelter down. Award prize to the best construction job.

Afterward, have a giant paper fight.

Idea from Young Life

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   Paige Boyer         9/3/2017 12:43:44 PM


   Jonathan McKee         4/15/2016 12:39:52 PM

Aaron... I usually just give each team a nice stack of newspapers. I don't have an exact count. Better to have more than they need.

   Aaron         4/12/2016 7:43:42 AM

I am the coordinator for an after-school science and technology program so the idea of construction and architecture makes this activity right up my group's alley. Approximately how many newspapers would you say each shelter would take?

   youth team building         3/15/2016 12:38:38 PM

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