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Balloon Master
Supplies: Duct tape or masking tape and lots of balloons.

Divide the group into 2 or more teams with 3-4 people on each team.

Give each team a roll of masking tape and 30 balloons. On "Go!" have members of each team roll the masking tape (sticky side out) around one of their teammates below the neckline. Next, have kids blow up their balloons as quickly as they can and stick as many as possible to the taped-up team member. You can either end the game here by awarding the Balloon Master to the one with the most balloons attached in the time allotted, or you can set up an obstacle course and when the balloons have been attached, have the player go through and back to their team. Balloons that fall off during the race can’t be re-attached. The team whose player has the most balloons still attached is the Balloon Master.

Idea from Young Life

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