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This is the game where you start out with two people sitting back to back and they have to stand straight up without using their hands. Add one person every time they stand up successfully. Our record is ten!

Idea by Greg Cates

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   Denise Powell          8/12/2016 7:58:34 PM

Our teen ministry "SOAR" had a teen lock in. We had 29 teens and we did the back to back activity and we were able to successful complete the task with 11 people. It was awesome!!.. I rate this a 10plus. It was so much fun!!! Without Limits Christian center new bern, NC!!!

   Ethan Grigg         3/16/2016 4:23:19 PM

this is awesome used it as a cool little team builder at school

   Naja Johnson         3/10/2016 10:31:33 AM

thank you for this amazing idea , me and my group are happy for this idea for our school project.

   Elisa Savoy         10/28/2015 10:49:16 AM

This sounds great, I will try it.

   Larry         4/25/2013 9:21:11 AM

Very good ideal

   Josiah         7/11/2012 5:02:43 AM

Read about the records being broken on here and took it as a bit of a challenge. Got 56 students and leaders to accomplish it successfully. This was a team building exercise done in Romania on a service project run by Club Beyond, an ecumenical youth ministry organization that ministers to teens of American military families around the world. And I love your web site, use it all the time. Thanks for the great ideas. Here is the link to a video of the students standing up

   randy         12/26/2011 6:07:31 AM

wow its realy fun

   Urbano         10/15/2011 5:14:06 PM

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   Joy Tomlinson         6/25/2011 3:31:03 PM

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