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One Body
This is a fun activity where teams work together as a body collecting simple but large objects, and putting them in a basket or container. This is fun to do as several teams competing against each other for time.

Depending on # of players...for each team formed you will need:
  • One t-shirt (or sweat shirt)size 2x-3x

  • one pair sweat pants size 2x-3x

  • three blind folds

  • two sets of ear plugs

  • 1 laundry basket or large box

  • Large objects to be put into basket (Good items: large balls of different colors, large 1 gallon cans of food with no handles, other items that can’t be grabbed with one hand. Usually 5 to 10 items are a good amount.)

Form teams of 4 players each:
  • 1-person is the "eyes & mouth"

  • 1-person is the "brain"

  • 1-person is "1/2 the body"

  • 1-person is other "1/2 of body"

Get prepared for game:
  • "Body" gets into the sweat pants and shirt together, one on the left side, one on the right side (then blind fold them and put earplugs in their ears).

  • The "Brain" stands behind the "Body" and is blindfolded. (May hold on to back of sweat shirt.)

  • The "eyes & mouth" stands next to the "Brain."

How to play:
  • The "Eyes and mouth" whispers to the "brain" what to tell the "Body" to do.

  • Brain yells to the body what to do

  • The body tries to get the pre-designated objects into their own basket.

  • When all objects are found and in their basket, team sits down.

  • "Eyes & mouth" yells "DONE!"

  • First team to sit wins!

  • No peeking!

  • "Eyes & mouth" must only "whisper" to the "Brain."

  • "Brain is the only one who can "talk."

  • Body may not use their arm or hand that is inside of the sweat shirt.

Original idea by Vonnie Waldrop

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