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Ameba Coarse/Ameba Race
Supplies: Long lengths of rope AND a predetermined track/course.

If you need an idea that forces your students to really work together all at once, this is it. All you need are several pieces of long rope and a defined obstacle course/track.

Divide your group in teams of at least 5 or more. The larger the team size, the more difficult it is. Tie the rope around the entire team at waist level. Make the rope as snug as possible without hurting the students.

Put them on the obstacle course and turn them loose. Teams can be timed during their running of the course, or you can actually have a couple of teams race! The key is to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

NOTE: The course can be inside or outside, just make sure the route/course is a safe one! Also, make sure it is clearly defined. It would be a significant bummer for a team to get “lost” because the course was not outlined properly.

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