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Back to Top wack
1. adj. Weak, uncool, or poor quality. Something undesirable.  "That girl is wack.

Back to Top wacked
1. see "wack." 

Back to Top wagon
1. n. a large butt, a woman’s derriere. (see badunkadunk) *Although this term is not widely used anymore, it still bears stating as it has had use and could be still in circulation in certain contexts.  "I like Judy cause she got that wagon that I wanna pull.

Back to Top wale tail
1. As in the term for the look of the thong underwear peeking above the back of a girl's pants.  "Mark did you see that wale tail?

Back to Top wang
1. v. Having sex.  "Hey man, Jeff wanged Shelia last night.2. An old school term for a penis.  "Man, my wang is huge!3. Another term for masturbation.  "John be wanging off too much.

Back to Top wanksta
1. a “wanna-be” gangsta 

Back to Top washed
1. A term that refers to what one feels like the day after getting completely stoned.  "Man, I can’t even get up after last night, I’m washed.2. When one feels extremely tired, lazy, and fatigued; even the slightest movement requires immense effort due to the amount of tiredness.  3. The state of being exceptionally high off of weed. 

Back to Top wassup
1. (derived from "what's up?") What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. 

Back to Top wasted
1. To be extremly drunk; usually resulting in complete loss of self control and beligerenence.  "I’m a get shorty wasted tonight.

Back to Top water
1. n. slang for the drug pcp.  "I ain't going out wit Justin anymore; he's a fiend for that water and I just don't swing it like that.

Back to Top wats gucci
1. n. Slang term for what’s good... what’s up... how u doing?  "Ahight wats gucci dawg?

Back to Top wavy
1. To be fly, impressively dressed, attention seeking through the way you're clothed; made popular by rapper Max B.  "Anybody know me know I’m the waviest boy!2. adj. In Suffolk County, New York it is used to mean that something is not quite right.  "The way that fool was talking to you just seemed too wavy, you better watch that cat.

Back to Top we're up
1. something said when it's time to leave.  "Hey, we're up!

Back to Top weak
1. adj. no good, a bad situation.  "This is weak.

Back to Top weaksauce
1. n. Joke that didn't quite make you laugh.  "That was weaksauce.

Back to Top weavolicious
1. n. someone who’s just added hair extensions into their hair.  "Trina just got her hair did so you know she feelin all weavolicious right now!

Back to Top weight
1. n. A large amount of drugs usually gathered and packaged by the pound.  2. n. A large amount of cocaine.  "Man, I’m tired of slangen nickels an dimes; I want to get my hands on some serious weight.3. Street credit, or hierarchal status in the streets.  "Man, my dogs got all kinds o’ weight; what you want done out there?"  Lyrical reference: Pushin' Weight; Ice Cube & Mr. Short KHOP  A yeah yeah I push rhymes like weight I push rhymes like weight 

Back to Top wet
1. n. PCP (Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine); the act of smoking the drug PCP.  "Daniel be twisted… he gets wet like every day.

Back to Top Wha's crackulatin'?
1. (derived from "What's crackulating?") What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. When greeting someone you might say, "Whas' crackulatin'?" 

Back to Top Wha’s really good?
1. Or “what’s good?” A greeting. When you see a friend, you say this.  "Wha's really good son?

Back to Top Whassup?
1. Derived from "what's up?" What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. If you pass someone, bob your head once, raising your chin about an inch and say "Whassup?" 

Back to Top What it do?
1. A term used to say, What's up?  "Hey kinfolk, what it do?

Back to Top What up?
1. Another way of saying, What's up? Also see "Wassup?"  "Hey Malia! Girl what up?

Back to Top What's crackin?
1. See wassup? (In some cities, it is said that certain gangs use “what’s crackin” and others use “what’s poppin” and you don’t want to say the wrong term.) 

Back to Top What's poppin?
1. A greeting, or another way of saying what's up? Also see "Wassup?" 

Back to Top whatevs
1. Whatever. 

Back to Top whip
1. a car  ""Yo’ T. Lets hop in the whip and get up out of here."2. A term used to describe someone turning the steering wheel really fast and using the wheel of an auto very well.  ""Yo, Cherry be Whipping that car around." OR... "James uses that whip well in that ’64 Impala.”

Back to Top whipped
1. To be head over heels in love; do anything for someone.  "Man, she got yo behind whipped!

Back to Top white
1. n. A term used to refer to cocaine because of its color.  "Aye to Big John, you better not get caught slangen that white or you’ll be doing some serious time.

Back to Top who's your daddy!
1. An exclamation of victory or retort. A cry bellowed after a recent conquer. After dribbling past an opponent and scoring in basketball, yell "who's your daddy!" 

Back to Top whomp
1. To beat up on; to fight and win by totally humiliating your opponent.  "Man, after Peter talked all that smack, I whomped on his a*s!

Back to Top whoobangin'
1. v. to communicate bad things about someone. To gossip. Also known as "talking trash."  "Quit your whoobangin and let's roll.

Back to Top whoop
1. v. To beat up.  "You mad doggin me? I'll whoop you so bad your cousin will cry!2. To beat someone in a sport.  "We whooped their team 126 to 57!

Back to Top whoosaah
1. n. a word used in ‘meditation’ to calm you down. Taken from the Bad Boys film with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence where Martin Lawrence’s character would continue to repeat the word to calm himself down.  "I was so jacked up after that math test, I was like “Whoosaah… I have to chill before my next class or I’m goin’ off!

Back to Top whovian
1. n. a fan of the British sci-fi tv series "Doctor Who" 

Back to Top wicked
1. Very good, great. 

Back to Top wigga
1. A white person who thinks he’s black. Derived from “white nig***” 

Back to Top wikijism
1. n. A term to describe any journalism, reports or writing that uses Wikipedia as it's only source.  "Jason thought that he got over with his book report, but it was full of wikijism and he only got a C for the assignment.

Back to Top Wipe
1. adv. to be defeated or whipped.  "Don't battle Terron, he will wipe you everytime cause that boy is raw!

Back to Top woot
1. used especially when texting, to express triumph or excitement.  

Back to Top Woot/Woop
1. v. Term used as a response or in celebration to exciting news.  "A yo Daniel, I (Michael) was drafted by the NBA last night, WOOP!

Back to Top word
1. that’s correct, that’s all right, or that’s good.  "“I just got me a new ride!” “Word.”

Back to Top word up
1. To affirm "that's the truth" coined by the song "word up" released in 1986 by a band called Cameo. 

Back to Top work
1. v. illegal contraband and drugs sold for a profit.  "Aye yo son, I got that work...for sale.

Back to Top worn
1. adj. (derived from “worn out”) Exhausted.  "Man, I'm worn.

Back to Top wtf
1. adv. abbreviation for "what the f*ck," often used in texting.  "I just sw yur grl at the mall w/ Jordan an ws lk wtf?

Back to Top wuddup
1. Another way of saying hello; or what's up?  "Yo Mike! Wuddup!

Back to Top wylin'
1. v. acting crazy or wild. Out of control  "Girl, I ain't goin over Nita's house no more after dark cause them fools be wylin' out!2. Tripping or doing something funny.  "Did you see Nick wylin on TV last night?

Who is Daniel White Hodge?

Daniel White Hodge
Daniel White Hodge
Dan White Hodge is a dynamic speaker, scholar, Hip Hop theologian, urban worker, & racial bridge builder that connects Urban Popular culture (Including but not limited to Hip Hop, Race/ Ethnicity, class, socio-cultural concerns, The Black Church, & The Emergent Urban Church) with daily life events. Dr. White Hodge has been an active member of the Hip Hop Community for over 20 years and continues to not only study the culture from both an academic and practical perspective, but live it as well. Moreover, Dr. Hodge has over 16 years of urban youth work experience having worked for Young Life and now working with undocumented peoples in Los Angeles with his wife Emily. His unique perspective on Hip Hop and Theology challenges his audiences to look beyond the "outer surface" and go into the deeper parts of the culture using God as the lens. Dan’s books are Heaven Has A Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel and Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur (VDM Academic 2010) and The Soul of Hip Hop: Rimbs Timbs & A Cultural Theology (IVP August 2010).


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