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Back to Top B
1. Your a brother.  2. Some youth still use this as a derogatory term for a female, short for bit** 

Back to Top ba dink-a-dink
1. small rear end of a female. opposite of a ba dunk-a-dunk.  "She all little, but I'll hit that ba-dink-a-dink like it was some ba-dunk-a-dunk!

Back to Top baby daddy
1. a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female's child. Derived from  "He is my baby's daddy. When my baby daddy get back, he'll bust you in your grill!"  Lyrical reference: JOE LYRICS - Ain't Nothin' Like Me  Your man fiance trick ya baby daddy... 

Back to Top back door
1. a term meaning anal sex. 

Back to Top backpack
1. n. Socially conscious brother or sister; underground ‘non mainstream rap’  "Don’t bring no Lil’ Wayne to Justin’s house that fool too backpack; he ain’t tryin’ ta hear it!

Back to Top bacon
1. A term for the police. Derived from the earlier reference to police as “pigs.”  "You smell bacon? Oh snap! Here comes 5.0.

Back to Top badunkadunk
1. n. A large rear end that looks good. **Also see “junk in the trunk” or "donk"  Lyrical reference: TWISTA LYRICS - Badunkadunk  "All in your face when you're at the club, Badunkadunk" 

Back to Top baggies
1. n. tiny little ziplock bags used to package weed and crystal meth in and distribute. 

Back to Top baggin
1. v. To pick up on someone of the opposite sex.  "Oh, Sherri baggin’ Mark.2. v. To make fun of someone in jest or fun (i.e. playing the dozens, clowning, capping); to ridicule.  "Rasheed was baggin' on Dre' yesterday so hard that they almost got into a fight.

Back to Top bait
1. adj. To describe a location as unsafe, or high profile. Usually refers to the danger of being caught by police.  "I ain’t smokin’ here, this place is mad bait.2. adj. To describe a person who is too young to date or have sex with. aka: jail bait  "Man, you tryin to get with that girl and you know she ain't nothin but bait'

Back to Top baked
1. adj. The effect of smoking a lot of marijuana. To be stoned.  "John's eyes are all bloodshot, I think he got baked at recess."  Lyrical reference: T-PAIN LYRICS - I'm Hi  I'm half baked like the guy on the couch... 

Back to Top ball up
1. An exclamation stating the beginning of a basketball game. A statement clarifying that it is time to start or resume playing basketball now that everyone is ready. 

Back to Top balla'
1. n. Someone who flaunts money.  "Check out that baller over there . . . let's jack his car!"  Lyrical reference: CHAMILLIONAIRE LYRICS - Pimp Mode  "Presidential in the Lincoln A Balla in the Beama Man..." 

Back to Top balled up
1. v. To get beat up and discarded like a piece of paper getting balled up and thrown into the trash.  "Yo if you don’t get outta’ my grill you gonna be balled up son.

Back to Top ballin
1. v. To flaunt money. To be noticeably rich.  "Yo . . .check out his Mercedes . . . he ballin!

Back to Top balls deep
1. v. A vile term that refers to when you're making a huge commitment to something like a sport or school, or drinking or partying. The term is derived from an obvious explicit sexual description.  "That dude is the best at skateboarding. Yeah man, he's balls deep.

Back to Top bamboozled
1. v. to get tricked or decieved.  "We've been hoodwinked, tricked, bamboozled! We didn't land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!"  Lyrical reference: TIMBALAND & MAGOO LYRICS - Deep In Your Memory  We been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, 

Back to Top bamf
1. Acronym for “Bad Ass Mutha F***er." 

Back to Top bammer
1. n. The cheaper, brown leaf marijuana.  2. Something or someone who is NOT good or poor quality. Usually in the rural since of the phrase 'ghetto'.  "Man, that CD is bammer!"  Lyrical reference: TWIZTID LYRICS - So High  "I only smoke bammer if it's carefully sifted..." Term also popularized by the group: R.B.L. POSSE in their song: "Don't Give No Bammer Weed" 

Back to Top bang
1. n. Any party, but especially a party where promiscuous girls may be present.  "Let's check out that bang at Jo's crib tonight.2. v. to have sex.  "Check out that squirrel. Ooooo . . . I'm gonna bang that tonight!3. v. to fight. 

Back to Top bang bang
1. n. Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry and or gear.  "Look at that fool tryin’ floss wit’ them bang bang bapes and monkey jeans, the tag is even upside down!

Back to Top bangin'
1. adj.1- to discribe how good or intense a thing is  "Yo man that new song by Tha Game is bangin!2. verb.-Running with a gang. (gang-banging)  "I heard Jr. is bangin' now since he's been running with them kids on 81st street.

Back to Top bank
1. money. Usually a lot of it.  "He got bank!"  Lyrical reference: TOO $HORT LYRICS - Sadity  "I know you got bank You're actin rude..." 

Back to Top bapes (Bathing Apes)
1. n. Sneakers designed by a popular Japanese clothing company, very popular in the hip hop community.  "I just got back from the mall and I got me some bapes baby!"  Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY - I Got Me Some Bapes (Bathing Apes)  Check Out My Bathing Apes I'm Fresh To Def And You Like Me Don't Try To Cop My Style Mayne Stick To Dem Nikes 

Back to Top bay
1. Derived from “baby.” A term of endearment towards the opposite sex. 

Back to Top bbw
1. n. abbreviation for "big beautiful woman."  "Hey dog, I asked Sheila to describe herself and she put 'bbw'. What does that mean?

Back to Top be easy
1. A plead for someone to calm down or relax.  "Girl what you trippin for? Be easy!

Back to Top beast
1. 1. n. Someone who excels in any area, but used most often used toward someone who dominates on the basketball court.  "Shaq is a beast on the court."  Lyrical reference: LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - I'm A Beast  ... I'm a beast... 

Back to Top beasty
1. Some one who is raw, the best or able to get active when needed.  "You can’t get with Jordan on DJ Hero, that fool too beasty!

Back to Top beat
1. v. A tern used in reference to having sex.  "Aye yo Jonny! Sarah let me beat last night.2. n. Violent physical abuse.  "If that fool keeps talking all that smack, I'm gonna beat his a**.

Back to Top beatin' dem cakes
1. having sex.  "I got with Juana and was beatin’ dem cakes like Betty Crocker!

Back to Top becky
1. v. Derived from a song by Plies; becky means, giving oral sex, or "head"  "I just got Becky over Dina’s crib this morning…that’s wuts up!

Back to Top bee-atch
1. A way of saying the word “bitch.” 

Back to Top beezy
1. This term came from the infamous rapper Mac Dre from Vallejo, CA. It pretty much means bitch.  "That girl is such a beezy!

Back to Top benjamins
1. money. Usually hundred dollar bills, hence the reference to Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. 100 dollar bill.  "It's all about the benjamins."  Lyrical reference: PUFF DADDY LYRICS - It's All About The Benjamins  "yeah it's all about the benjamins..." 

Back to Top bent
1. a skewed impression of reality.  "You got me bent, I ain't like that.2. to be high or drunk.  "Jack got bent last night at that party."  Lyrical reference: ALANIS MORISSETTE LYRICS - Bent 4 U  "I have bent for you and I've deprived..." 

Back to Top besties
1. n. best friends  "Gina and Trina are besties, you can't pull 'em apart!

Back to Top betty
1. n. an old school term for a girl/lady.  "Man, look at that fine looking Betty"  Lyrical reference: BUBBA SPARXXX LYRICS - Betty Betty  "Betty, uh-uh... wassup ladies?" 

Back to Top BFF
1. short for Best Friend Forever 

Back to Top bi
1. (Short for bisexual.)Sexual and romantic attraction and activity with individuals of both genders.  "I thought Jessica was lesbian, no, she’s bi.

Back to Top bia-tch
1. A term used to describe a person of rude behaviour; a word used in place of the word bitch.  "Sally is such a bia-tch"  Lyrical reference: OBIE TRICE LYRICS - Look In My Eyes  "On your bia-tch I done came too far..." 

Back to Top bicurious
1. Someone who is curiously attracted to members of the same sex.  "Sara admitted last night that she is bicurious.

Back to Top big body
1. large vehicles such as SUV’s or older model big cars.  "Look at the big body caddy."  Lyrical reference: AVANT LYRICS - Six In Da Morning  "out the big body SUV's, blessed boozys..." 

Back to Top big dilly
1. adj. Slang term for ‘big deal’  "So what if you supposed to be holdin’ weight, big dilly; I’m still gonna charge you up next time I see you butt.

Back to Top bill
1. Short for a hundred dollars; as in a hundred dollar bill.  "Eh Mike, Jay told me he only paid six “Bills” for that car.

Back to Top bird
1. A term for a young girl.  "Look at that bird over there by the food court...I'ma go and scoop that.2. n. A pound of drugs; usually cocaine packaged in the shape of a brick. A brick of cocaine.  "Yo, you got that bird on you.

Back to Top biscuit
1. n. Another reference for a gun. (See also hammer and tool.)  Lyrical reference: OBIE TRICE LYRICS - Look In My Eyes  "We on the corner wit a 40 and a biscuit..." 

Back to Top bitch slap
1. v. to condescend someone by slapping them like a pimp would slap a ho  "You better shut up or you're gonna get bitch slapped!"  Lyrical reference: LIL' WYTE LYRICS - Talkin' Ain't Walkin'  "Bitch slap that sucka..." 

Back to Top bite it
1. v. To trip or fall down, usually hurting oneself.  "Did you see Bobby bite it when he was trying to hop that rail?

Back to Top biter
1. n. One who "bites." Someone who copies or imitates another; a copycat.  "The little biter completely took my saying!

Back to Top bites
1. Another word for food.  "Hey, let's go get some bites.2. Also see "that bites." 

Back to Top biting (bite'n)
1. to copy or an attemp to replicate the way another person does something. Also see "Biting Me."  "All the wack rappers on the radio be bite'n my flow.

Back to Top biting me
1. (pronounced "bitin'me") Copying someone. Also see "Biting."  "Man you know I bought this jacket first, why you biting me?

Back to Top biz
1. n. Short for business.  "You better handle you biz and stop acting like your problems are going to go away.

Back to Top biznatch
1. Code word for "bitch" and/or a female with a bad attitude.  "Shelia a straight biznatch; she never give my play.

Back to Top bizzy
1. A term for a water pipe.  2. Also the name for the member of the rap group Bone Thugz & Harmony. 

Back to Top blast
1. v. to confront someone in the public, to openly shame somone  "What's up with Janet, she was yellin' at me and puttin' me on blast in 2nd period!2. To shoot a gun; usually in an attemp to murder someone.  "Oh, boy keep talkin' and I'm a blast at him.

Back to Top blazin
1. v. lighting up Marijuana.  "See those fellas over there? They were blazin- hope they don’t get caught!2. Very attractive. More than "hot."  "Did you see her? man she was BLAZIN!"  Lyrical reference: T.I. LYRICS - Limelight  "Love to keep the reefa blazin..." 

Back to Top bless
1. A term used when saying goodbye, feeling good about a friend, and or a term used to part company with someone considered family.  "I'm heading out now folks...bless!

Back to Top bling or "bling-bling"
1. (sometimes pronounced “Blang-Blang”) Used to be jewelry such as silver, platinum, or diamonds and sometimes gold. Now the word expands to describe extremely expensive style of clothes, cars and general life-style.  "Did you see Donald Trump’s house in The Apprentice- I’ve never seen so much bling bling!" or "Jose’s blinging it!"  Lyrical reference: BIRDMAN, LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Over Here Hustlin'  "Bling bling king nigga, money ain't a thing..." 

Back to Top blingin
1. Shining because you are wearing so much jewelry.  "Check you out David, you blingin tonight.

Back to Top block baller
1. Big time dealer. 

Back to Top block head
1. Adj/V. A person, typically a female, who performs oral sex with almost everyone on a particular city block.  "Yo man, Tina is our block head round here.

Back to Top blood
1. A person you “chill wit.”  2. A gangsta dressed in the color red. 

Back to Top blow
1. n. refers to cocaine.  2. adj. very bad. Although used as a verb, it is an adjective. Similar to “it sucks.” 

Back to Top blowin' up
1. Calling someone on their phone, making it ring, (usually a cell phone). This term mostly means the ringing of the phone.  "John keeps blowin' up my phone.2. A term used to refer to one's growth in fame and/or fortune.  Lyrical reference: ICE CUBE LYRICS - Today Was A Good Day  "My pager still blowin' up..." 

Back to Top blown
1. To be high or intoxicated when smoking marijuana.  "Joey's been getting blown all day.

Back to Top blunt
1. n. usually a cigar filled with Marijuana. Sometimes just a large "joint."  "Let's go smoke a blunt!"  Lyrical reference: DR DRE LYRICS - Blunt Time  Blunt time-pull out your philly..." 

Back to Top blunted
1. v. Used in reference to being high or intoxicated from smoking marijuana usually in the form of a blunt (marijuana packed cigar).  "Yo Son! I can't go to work today. I'm straight up blunted.

Back to Top bobble head
1. A female who likes to give oral sex on a regular.  "Man, that girl was a bobble head last night.

Back to Top Bobby Brown
1. Marijuana/weed that is not very potent or preferably good; usually brown in color, hence the term Bobby Brown.  "You wanna get high Johnny? I got some Bobby Brown.

Back to Top bobo
1. adj. Something that is fake/not genuine or is bootleg.  "That chain you got is bobo.

Back to Top bogart
1. v. to hog or refuse to share a joint, but keep it in your hand or hang from your mouth. From actor Humphrey Bogart's trademark cigarettes, held in lips or hand, but rarely actually smoked. Usually associated with anything that someone hogs that is supposed to be shared.  "Don't bogart that joint dog, puff puff pass!

Back to Top bomb
1. see "da bomb." 

Back to Top bomb, the
1. see "da bomb" 

Back to Top bone
1. (verb) the act of a male having sex with someone.  "Did Steve bone that girl?

Back to Top bones
1. money.  "Nah man, that's bootleg. I can't go to the movies, I ain't got no bones.2. n. dominos - refers to the color and original dominos material (i.e. ivory or actual animal bone)  3. n. dice. 

Back to Top bong
1. a marijuana smoking utensil.  Lyrical reference: AFROMAN LYRICS - Crazy Rap  "Stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong..." 

Back to Top bonkers
1. wild or crazy.  "She was so drunk last night she was acting completely bonkers.

Back to Top boo
1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend.  "Dat's my boo your messin' wit!"  Lyrical reference: CAM'RON LYRICS - Me and My Boo  "The figgas wit you boo, screw..." 

Back to Top boo boo
1. see "bootsie." 

Back to Top Bookoo
1. An over abundance. A whole lot. Bookoo originated from the french word 'beaucoup' which means much or many.  "Jason got bookoo beats on his website

Back to Top boom bap
1. n. A style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare that is often EQed to the forefront of the beat.  "I’m skilled in the trade of that old boom bap.

Back to Top boom ting
1. adj. Something or someone who is amazing, fine, cool… the best.  "Did you see the VMA’s last night, it was boring till JayZ got up and boom ting!

Back to Top boost
1. v. to steal.  "I boosted these sneakers.

Back to Top bootie
1. n. someone's posterior.  2. see "bootsie."  Lyrical reference: GERI HALLIWELL LYRICS  "Shake your bootie cutie calling feels like sex..." 

Back to Top bootsie
1. adj./adv. Something undesirable. An inopportune or unfair situation, event, or thing.  "Man, that teacher is bootsie" "Did you see his pants? Bootsie!

Back to Top booty call
1. v. to call someone on the phone and arrange a sexual liaison, usually late night, like 1:00 to 3:00 a.m.  Lyrical reference: 2PAC LYRICS - F**k Friendz  "I got em ready for a booty call..." 

Back to Top bootydoo
1. When one's stomach sticks out further than their butt.  "Girl, see those heffas at the Gramblin game, they all have bootydoo.

Back to Top bootylicious
1. adj. sexually attractive.  2. adj. voluptuous. Not too skinny-- looking very attractive with plenty of "booty."  "Beyonce looked bootylicious in that outfit!

Back to Top boo-yah!
1. An exclamation used in celebrating a victory.  "Boo-Yah! I whooped you in dat basketball game!2. an expression added at the end of a short, insulting speech. Used like  "So, there!

Back to Top bop
1. A name to call a female who has a reputation for giving oral sex.  "That girl is a bop.

Back to Top bopper
1. A female that sleeps with a lot of other girls boy friends. 

Back to Top boss up
1. n. to attempt to intimidate someone.  "Hey dog, don't try to come up on my block and boss up. Fool, I'm running these streets!

Back to Top bossy
1. To be in control with an attitude. Demanding and highly opinionated. Generally used for females.  "Watch out for old girl, cause she's bossy.

Back to Top bougie
1. Stuck up, high class, too good  "Sarah acts bougie because her family has money.

Back to Top bounce
1. To depart or leave.  "Hey Chase, this party is weak. We bout ta bounce."  Lyrical reference: TARKAN LYRICS - Bounce  "Let me see you bounce..." 

Back to Top Bowen
1. A person who often stinks, possibly with hygene issues. Derived from a creature that is known to inhabit sewage and have a frightening odor because it uses its own feces to disguise itself.  "Yo son! Our room always smells like crap because we got a straight up Bowen in our class.2. To pass out after consuming little alcohol. 

Back to Top bowl
1. A term used in reference to the chamber of a pipe that holds the contents being smoked.  "Aye, I’m a smoke a bowl of this herb before I head into the club."  Lyrical reference: WYCLEF JEAN LYRICS - Something About Mary  "Daddy can I get a bowl? He looked at me, he says, Son, man, you're too young..." 

Back to Top boy
1. n. Your friend or some one you admire.  "Yo, I’m chillin’ with my boys tonight” or “Shaq is your boy right? He got lit up in last night’s game.

Back to Top brah
1. friend. Derived from "brother" or "bro"  "What's up brah?

Back to Top brain
1. a term used to signify oral sex; synonymous with getting “Head”.  "Felecia gonna catch something if she keeps giving brain to all these fools.

Back to Top braw
1. n. (derived from brotha or brother) a friend or close acquaintance.  "Whasup braw?

Back to Top bread
1. n. A term in reference to money or cash.  "I stay on my grind...I gotta make that know.

Back to Top breakin' bread
1. v. Getting some food/eating.  "Ay dawg, I'm bout to go break some bread, I'll catch you on the west side at 30".

Back to Top breezy
1. n. A female or a girlfriend.  "Check out that breezy over there.2. n. A combination of the words broad (an offensive slang term for a woman) and easy (one who is quick to have sex with another person). The term can also be used to refer to a sexy woman who is easy to get into bed.  "Nah, I aint going with ya'll tonight. I'm chillin' here with my breezy."  Lyrical reference: NICK CANNON LYRICS - My Rib  "My misses, my world my breezy, she need me" 

Back to Top brick
1. cold; as in temperature.  "Turn up the heat, it's brick in here.2. A term used to define a pound or kilogram worth of any drug, usually packaged in the shape of a brick.  "Once I sell this brick, I'm be ballin.

Back to Top bro
1. n. A close guy friend or relative. short for brother. 

Back to Top broad
1. (Often Offensive Slang.) A woman or girl. 

Back to Top bromance
1. n. a close relationship between two men. Not sexual or romantic. 

Back to Top brown frown
1. bad weed/marijuana. 

Back to Top bruh bruh
1. n. A friendly exciting greeting for your close friends, hommies or brothers  "Ah watz up bruh bruh bruh bruh!

Back to Top BTW
1. An accronym popularly used in texting, meaning “By The Way."  "BTW I saw your brother at the club last night with Sara.

Back to Top bubble
1. A term used in reference to the escalating excitement and or quality and quantity of something. Usually increasing the stature and or worth of that person, or item.  "My album sales are about to bubble.

Back to Top bubble gum
1. n. A strain (flavor) of marijuana that actually tastes like bubble gum, very expensive.  "You gone’ have to put 15 on this bubble gum or we ain’t getting’ high cause this weed is too high!2. n. another word for oral sex or vagina.  "Jessica got that good bubble gum dog, I’m a try to chew on that!

Back to Top bubble pop
1. n. When somebody interrupts you or invades your personal space  "Say dog, don’t be comin over here bubble poppin’ cause I’m a bust yo bubble!

Back to Top bud
1. marijuana.  "Let's go smoke some bud."  Lyrical reference: THREE 6 MAFIE LYRICS - Liquor and Dat Bud  "Wit that liquor and dat bud..." 

Back to Top bugged
1. Messed up or whacked.  "Man I can't believe she broke up with you. That's bugged!

Back to Top buggin
1. acting strange.  "Why you buggin?"  Lyrical reference: TRICK DADDY LYRICS - Hold On  "Hearin nothin, stayin rich but buggin..." 

Back to Top bunk
1. adj. really bad or aggravating.  "Dad told me to go to my room. he's so bunk!2. adj. something bad, boring, stupid, etc.  "This town is bunk, there's nothing to do.3. untrue.  "He said he didn’t boost my kicks! That’s bunk!

Back to Top bunnies
1. The ability to jump high, vertical abilities, up’s  "Jamal gots them bunnies like LaBron.

Back to Top burberry
1. n. A popular brand of clothing, often bootlegged in the streets.  "Salina look so cute with her new Burberry purse, shoes and hat that match. I’m going to the swap meet to get me some of dat tomorrow."  Lyrical reference: JAY Z - La la la Album: Bad Boys II - The Soundtrack (2005)  I show you how to do this son young don’t mess with chicks in Burberry patterns fake Manolo boots straight from Steve Madden  

Back to Top burn or burned
1. To be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback.  "Fred was "burned" by his friends for admitting to liking Limp Bizkit.

Back to Top bush league
1. Someone who is below average.  "Mike is so bush league.

Back to Top bust a cap
1. v. To shoot someone. **See  "I'll bust a cap . . ."  Lyrical reference: 2 PAC LYRICS - Runnin On E  "Shoulda seen it bust a cap and freak with..." 

Back to Top bust a grape
1. v. The popping of one’s testicle.  "Dang, that fool just bust a grape, that’s why I don’t mess with that X-Game sh*t!

Back to Top bust down (B.D.)
1. n. A male or female (Primarily associated with Females) who will have sex with any individual regardless of attraction or that individual's background.   "Hey Jay, you better hook up with her, that’s an easy Bust Down (BD).

Back to Top bust yo grill!
1. v. To bust someone's 'grill' means to hit them in the mouth or beat them up. 

Back to Top busta
1. n. someone who acts thugish but is not.  "Get out of my grill. You'se a busta!

Back to Top bustin'
1. v. (derived from "busting") executing an action, usually flawlessly, that takes skill.  "Check out Dominic. He's bustin' some phatty moves!2. v. to make fun of them or insult them.  "Yo Tisha, why you always bustin on me?

Back to Top butt hurt
1. adj. to be hypersensitive or over offended over a prank or joke.  "Jenna got all butt hurt when Ray fronted on her in front of everybody at lunch today.

Back to Top butt pirate
1. n. A crude term that indicates a gay man; derived from gay sexual relations.  "I don’t know about you John… you're straight up acting like a Butt Pirate.

Back to Top butta
1. adj. to be of good or smooth quality; like butter.  "Now that's the butta!

Back to Top buttaface
1. adj. A term used when describing a girl who has an attractive body, but an unattractive face.  "Ayo, Mailissa is a buttaface... everything look good but her face.

Who is Daniel White Hodge?

Daniel White Hodge
Daniel White Hodge
Dan White Hodge is a dynamic speaker, scholar, Hip Hop theologian, urban worker, & racial bridge builder that connects Urban Popular culture (Including but not limited to Hip Hop, Race/ Ethnicity, class, socio-cultural concerns, The Black Church, & The Emergent Urban Church) with daily life events. Dr. White Hodge has been an active member of the Hip Hop Community for over 20 years and continues to not only study the culture from both an academic and practical perspective, but live it as well. Moreover, Dr. Hodge has over 16 years of urban youth work experience having worked for Young Life and now working with undocumented peoples in Los Angeles with his wife Emily. His unique perspective on Hip Hop and Theology challenges his audiences to look beyond the "outer surface" and go into the deeper parts of the culture using God as the lens. Dan’s books are Heaven Has A Ghetto: The Missiological Gospel and Theology of Tupac Amaru Shakur (VDM Academic 2010) and The Soul of Hip Hop: Rimbs Timbs & A Cultural Theology (IVP August 2010).


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