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DAN: ... and that leads us right into sin #4.

JONATHAN: Beautiful segue!

DAN: ... which is... the sin of not addressing human sexuality and homosexuality in a Biblical.thorough, and loving way.

JONATHAN: So you're saying, "Don't ignore these issues."

DAN: I wouldn't say that in youth ministry we've ignored them. I think we have sometimes done a lot ofdamage in the way we have historically taught about them. We will go out and say "Homosexuality is a sin!"and quote Leviticus 18:22, or Leviticus 20, or Romans 1 and pull these verses out and then say, "It's wrong!Period." and leave it there.

JONATHAN: And never explain-- never give the reason why.

DAN: And never go into the context of what was going on there, the holistic complexity of human sexuality.You're teaching a ninth grader that homosexuality is wrong, but not talking about, well, what if a ninth graderdoes have same sex attraction? What should they do? How should they address it? Is your church a loving place?...trying to create a culture where it can be talked about. And I think we have basically said, "Here's acouple Bible verses. It's wrong."

...I knew of a young girl who was raised in a wonderful church but they talked about homosexuality in such a waythat-she was having same sex attraction-but she felt that she couldn't talk to anybody about it. She had to waitfor her college years and then she actually began experimenting in same sex relationships because the church andthe youth ministry that she was involved in, even as a leader, was not allowing the discussion to be open so shecould share what she was experiencing... she felt, "they've already painted me as this horrible sinner,therefore, why would I want to even confess that I'm having these attractions."

So I'm thinking that we have to really address it in a different way and hold to the truth of the scripture, butwe have to create a culture that's different in our youth ministry, and children's ministry and our whole church.

JONATHAN: And we gotta realize that our typical youth ministry might mention it... what... maybe a coupletimes a year? You know, in that one week... "Sex Week." Or "Strange Beliefs Week!" ... and they'llmention it there. But we gotta realize, every TV show, every class at school, everywhere else they're hearing,"Hey, this is fine, this is okay, and it you aren't believing this you're a tightwad." And for us not beingable to articulate something better than, "Because the Bible says so! Here's one verse!" That's probablyleaving them way short.

You know Dan, a lot of people here are thinking, "Well, what does this guy with the spikey hair believe aboutthe homosexuality issue?" So can we ask you? What is your belief on it? Because I think people are going towant to know.

DAN: Yeah, my belief is that the holistic teaching of the Bible is...