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Podcast Transcript
The Seven Sins of Trying to Understand Youth Culture

JONATHAN: Sin #3. This sin is when you immerse yourself in today's culture-when you absolutelysubmerge yourself.

I always tell people, "I think you should understand it... dabble to understand, but don't immerseyourself in it." ...I mean, I teach this to my kids: this stuff affects us!

Guess what? It affects us as adults too. And if we immerse ourselves in this stuff, and we're like,"Yeah! I just gotta stay current with youth culture. That's why I watch MTV for two hours a day! Heywait! ‘Tila Tequila' is on! I can't miss that!"

FURBY: Ha ha. "I just gotta know my kids."

JONATHAN: Yeah! I just gotta know my kids...

But the fact is, there's a lot of us that... use it as an excuse, to allow some of this stuff intoour life.

FURBY: Totally.

JONATHAN: I'm just saying, that's a sin. We cannot allow this stuff into our lives... I'll justbe honest. In a society where addiction to pornography is a reality, and stuff like that, I don't go onMySpace unless my wife is in the room. And my wife and I work in the same office, we got chairsacross from each other, and I'm like, "Hey, Lori! I'm gonna get on MySpace. Because you know why?You know that you can't browse MySpace for 3 minutes without seein' a girl in a thong...

We need to be careful and guard ourselves if we're gonna do some research on some of this stuff, fine.We can do the research, but don't immerse ourselves in this stuff.

We just mentioned A Lil Bit Podcast exampleof Josiah in Second Chronicles. Josiah, when he heard the truth of the Word, he not only tore his clothes,but he went around and he started just emptying stuff out of the Temple. And some of us as youth workersneed to kinda clear out our CD cases in our cars and stuff like that....

FURBY: The thing is, we need to become, we need to be students of the culture and we want to knowthe students but we don't want to become the consumers of this culture.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Supporting it-that's even a different thing.

FURBY: Yeah, I mean it's just... we have to go in with a guarded heart. I mean Proverbs says, "Ourheart is the wellspring of our life." And if we don't guard our heart, if we don't take very cautiousactions when we are listening to the lyrics or looking at the whatevers on the Internet. We just have tobe so careful that we don't become what we are trying to keep our kids from...