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Jonathan: Well, that's the challenge and we're gonna do that.

I want to get a chance for everyone to get to know you a little better so I'm going to ask you some very quick questions just aboutyourself.

Douglas: Sure.

Jonathan: Like for instance, name one of your favorite films?

Douglas: One of my favorite films is The Notebook. My friend Mark Johnson produced it and I think it's very nearlya perfect movie.

Jonathan: Oh, good. I love that one. O.K. so tell us, what if on a Friday night if you had no other plans, where would wetypically see you on a Friday night? What would you want to be doing?

Douglas: Probably I would be out in one of the fields I just bought in Malta with a machete in my hand attacking a forestof prickly pear cactus.

Jonathan: That's great. O.K. so now, if you could eat any dish tonight, what would be your favorite dish, your favoritemeal?

Douglas: A really good cheeseburger.

Jonathan: (laughing)

Furby: Excellent!

Douglas: I'm giving you all the terribly wrong answers, I know, I'm terribly not correct but there you go, you know.(laughing) Another thing I might be doing on a Friday night is driving around in my Ariel Atom somewhere around the streets ofMalta.

Jonathan: Ooh, I like it. So now you said your favorite is a cheeseburger, so if you were in America what restaurant wouldthat be stopping at?

Douglas: Well, now in Los Angeles it would definitely be an In and Out Burger.

Furby: Yea! There you go.

Jonathan: We're out of Sacramento and we have several of those.

Douglas: That's great.

Jonathan: O.K. what about the latest music that you listen to? Maybe a CD that you purchased recently, or a download,what's the latest piece of music you heard?

Douglas: You know, a piece of music I played over and over and over again on my computer just the other day at homein Malta, was the new Switchfoot song "This is Home." And it's in Prince Caspian's credits and it is a fabulous pieceof work. I love it, I absolutely love it! Brings me to tears every time I listen to it.

Jonathan: I read about that, and I'm excited that we're gonna see that there. What about your favorite book? I knowyou're a huge literature fan.

Douglas: That's a really difficult one because I've got so many books that I love so much. It depends what genre we arelooking at. I think if you're talking about modern Christian literature it has to be Randy Alcorn, his series of books, with hisdetective series... they're great books. If you're talking about science fiction we move into the other realms all together andthere are people, well C.S. Lewis of course, with the science fiction trilogy. But it all depends on what genre you are talkingabout.

Jonathan: Well, there you go.

Douglas: I read "The Lord of the Rings" once a year every year.

Jonathan: Oh, good. Good choice there. What book do you think every Christian should read?

Douglas: "Mere Christianity"

Jonathan: Good answer. If you could give one book to a non-believer, what book would you give them?

Douglas: "Mere Christianity"

Jonathan: You know, I thought you would say that.

Douglas: Well, the Bible of course, but "Mere Christianity."

Jonathan: There you go. O.K. I've heard people say, who in history would they enjoy sitting down with for a conversationand a meal, you know if they could choose anybody in history and it's funny because a lot of people answer... "Oh, C.S. Lewis."Well, I didn't think I would ever ask someone who actually has eaten with C.S. Lewis. But who would you choose today if you couldsit down and eat with anybody in history?

Douglas: C.S. Lewis.

Jonathan: There you go.

Douglas: Without a doubt. I miss him so much... just to have a dinner with him again, wow! And you couldn't get a betterchance than that.

Furby: Oh, my Gosh. Wow!

Jonathan: Absolutely. What's the best day of your life?

Douglas: Best day of my life? Well, there were several. One was certainly the day I looked up the aisle of a church and sawmy wife Mary walking towards me. And then all I could see is her sort of floating down the aisle. And then there was each of thetimes when my children were born. And of course, now of course, one of the best experiences one has in being the father of fivechildren is when they hand you the grandkids and it's just phenomenal.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Douglas: And the best days of my life, apart from those deeply personal family things, is of course watching The Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe come up on screen for the first time. Of course Prince Caspian coming up on screen for thefirst time... are full experiences.

Jonathan: Good.

Douglas: You can't, I mean there are very few people in the world who have had a dream since they were a young teenager andthen seen it come to life and exceeding their own expectations of the way, I mean The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince just blows me away, it's just so fantastic. It's just wonderful.

Jonathan: Well, and I love how in your interview that comes in the DVD with the book, how you talked about, you know, thatwas a 20 year thing for you to try to bring that to the screen and I loved how you discussed about the Holy Spirit, how He mighthave even been holding that back for a while.