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David: Wow! Matt, it's almost like you're looking at my notes. Cause, that's a great segue into Sin #4.

Matt: I promise you I'm not looking.

David: But honestly, Sin #4 is right along what you just said, and that's, don't encourage your studentsto keep meeting together when you get back home. What you just said is, students are isolated right by those iPodsor cell phones or hand-held video games or whatever it may be. And one of the things we always hear students talkabout, you know, you certainly, you've always got that guy who's looking to get the digits from the girl and allthat stuff.

Matt: I think that was your student this year, Kevin.

David: But, we all meet somebody at summer camp, or we meet somebody that's going through the same stuff, orwe meet somebody that's, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn't know you lived in my neighborhood or my sub-division.' And you kindadevelop a friendship, but the Bible would call that fellowship…a bond. And, here you are, you've been meeting thatperson every morning, every meal, and every evening together in worship. So, you've just been doing life together.

Matt: Even your free time, too.

David: Right. So, you've been spending your whole week together, and I think the encouragement there is totell students, ‘Hey, be together.'

Kevin: This is a good thing. God created us for this.

David: God created us to be in groups. I mean, look, he put us in families, He's put us in churches. He'sclearly not put us in isolation, one from another. I tell you, Hebrews 10:25 talks about that, where the Bible says,‘And don't let us forsake the assembling of ourselves together as some are in the custom of doing.' Ecclesiastes 4is a great passage there, about a cord of several strands is not so easily broken. Clearly the Bible says that we aresupposed to be doing life together. Not just with Him, but with one another. It's a source of strength.

Matt: Could you imagine your weekly events going on with just a bunch of individuals in different parts of theroom? How about a Bible study where we're all sitting at separate desks?

David: I tell you, I have a thought on fellowship, and it's this. Fellowship is not a perk to our faith. I mean,it's really cool, but it's a foundational must.

Matt: Absolutely.

David: It's like a bedrock, because I need my wife in so many ways. I need my accountability brothers, I need myfriends. I need somebody to buy me lunch tomorrow.

Kevin: See ya.

Matt: We gotta go.

David: Seriously, the bond made at summer camp is kinda like boot camp, sometimes. When you survive camp food, andcockroaches the size of Rhode Island all week long, there's some stability there.

Matt: Yeah, all those experiences you get to tell people you've been through.

David: So, obviously guys, the way to overcome that sin is to encourage your students to be a great influence on oneanother, by being together.