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Jonathan: We did our duty: we prayed! And we don't even pray because we want to talk with God. We don't even really think about it as talking with God. We just kind of think of it as this thing we're supposed to do.

And sometimes we even have these crazy, memorized prayers and we say these things that we wouldn't normally say. That if God was right here - which He is! - and we wanted to talk with Him, instead we use this weird, "Our Heavenly Father, as we sit here before Thee, we ask You to bless this food to the nourishment of bodies....


I mean, who talks like that? I mean when your buddies about ready to go to lunch are you like "Hey, Jessie, hey, hey! You're having lunch? Alright man! Hey, may that food be blessed to the nourishment of your body!"

Jessie'd be like, "What? What are you talking about?"

"I don't know man - that's just, that's just what I heard." Cause that's what we do! We just say this thing that we've said or we've inherited because this is what we're supposed to do. And when it comes to communicating with God we want to maybe communicate with God. It'd be nice to have a conversation with Him, but unfortunately, we just do it on these times we've been taught to do it! Like when something bad is happening. We're about ready to take a test and all of a sudden we need Him and we and then all of a sudden God turns into this magic genie who we're like, rub a lamp, and "God, You know I didn't study last night. Please help me on this test." And all of a sudden then we throw out these prayers to Him now. We don't conversate with Him day to day, but all of a sudden, "Now I need You! God please be the magical genie, and then I'll abandon You again as soon as the test is over."

Sometimes that's what we do. Don't worry, teenagers, you're off the hook. It's not just you. Adults, we do this stuff, too.