The Source for Youth Ministry


Jonathan: OK, we're here at the convention now, walking around. And I think we're gonna go ahead and start launching into interviewing people. And I got a good question in mind, so let's go find some people and ask them questions right now.

(Jonathan and Brandon enter the YS Exhibit Hall and grab CYPU's Walt Mueller)

Jonathan: Alright, I'm standing here with Walt Mueller, and Walt I got a question for you. If you could see one celebrity, one musician, some person that's high profile in the media, if you could see one of them become totally sold out for Christ, who would you wanna see totally sold out for Christ?

Walt: Living or dead?

Jonathan: Yeah, sure.

Walt: Alright, people will laugh, but my favorite musician of all time, Marvin Gaye.

Brandon: Yeah, there you go.

Walt: Great song writer, great singer, brilliant social activist, but terribly conflicted about his faith, which ultimately led to his demise, but, yeah, Marvin Gaye.

Jonathan: Hey, that's a great answer. Thanks Walt.

Walt: Alright.

(Jonathan and Brandon grab YS Director of Events, Tic Long)

Jonathan: I'm standing here talking with....

Tic: Tic Long.

Jonathan: Tic, the question I gotta ask you is, if you were to see one celebrity or musician become totally sold out for Christ, who would you wanna see that happen to?

Tic: Oh. Any one celebrity? I don't really care about celebrities, I'd just like to see anybody sold out for Christ.

Jonathan: So pick a name.

Tic: Oh, who do I love? Shaquille O'Neal.

Jonathan: There you go. That's a great answer.

Tic: The big fella. He could just slam everybody into the Kingdom.

Jonathan: I love it. That's a great answer, Tic. Thanks.

(Jonathan and Brandon grab HomeWord's, Jim Burns)

Jonathan: Jonathan McKee from The Source and I'm standing here talking to....

Jim: Jim Burns.

Jonathan: I got one question for you Jim. If you could see any celebrity, music star, somebody who is seen on TV, whatever, if you could see somebody like that become sold out for Jesus, who would you see?

Jim: You know, this is a funny story, but it would actually be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Jonathan: And why is that?

Jim: I was at a Laker game the other day and I actually saw him reading a Bible. I have no idea what that is, and I know we're kinda messin' around, but honestly, I saw him reading a Bible and I thought if that guy in the world of sports, when a sports figure makes a commitment to Christ and sticks with it, it's amazing. And plus, I'm a Laker basketball fan. I realize I'm talking to you and you're a Sacramento guy, but...

Jonathan: Hey, it's not that bad.

Jim: But as a Laker fanatic, if Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would become a Christian, um, I would follow him anywhere.

Jonathan: Ooh. That's awesome. And maybe Jack Nicholson would be next?