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Jonathan: Well, good. What's our next sin?

Todd: This is one of my favorites. It's a sin to care more about the facility than the skaters.

Jonathan: And this is Sin Three, right?

Todd: Number three.

Jonathan: It's a sin to give more value to your building... for those who have outdoor ministries, like in California, it would be to your parking lot, or to your outside bricks... than for the kids themselves.

Todd: Yeah, and my favorite story here is, we had a kid who came off a launch ramp and we have our double doors of our gym that goes out into the lobby. He comes off the launch ramp, lands and kinda starts to slide backwards, the skateboard shoots out from underneath him, and I'm standing in the lobby talking to someone and this skateboard is like going 90 miles per hour just comes shooting out of the gym and literally sticks into the wall, the drywall of our lobby just stuck there sideways, and I remember just looking at it going, ‘Yeah, that's gonna be a problem.'

Jonathan: (laughing) And immediately, someone by the name of ‘Fred' is gonna have a problem with that one.'
Todd: Yeah, and we have these benches where people can sit, and I literally grabbed a bench and moved it right in front of that hole, so if any trustees from our church listening, that's a confession right there.

Jonathan: Is it still there?

Todd: It is still there.

Jonathan: Dude!

Todd: And I will show people from time to time...

Jonathan: OK, I've got a sin for you called ‘Not Repairing.' OK, so people just lost respect for – well actually – either gained or lost respect for you. They're like, ‘Dude, sweet!' Other people are like, ‘Disrespectful young youth!'

Todd: Yeah. You know, it was accidental. Once a guy landed so...well... the board went so high that it hit in the middle of the door, just a big hole in the wood doors. That happened before I got here. But there are people in our church who get the fact that there is gonna be damage to the facility by opening up and letting these kids come and skate. And I appreciate those folks so much that they know that there's gonna be some of that that is gonna happen. Our church, we pay a lot in insurance for this ministry to happen, and that's something that if you're thinking of starting one you're gonna need to do a lot of homework, just the insurance part of it. But you need to get people ready and prepared that there's gonna be, you know, soda cans, and Pepsi bottles, and Monster stuff, and wrappers, you're gonna have all that stuff all over the place. You're gonna have cigarette butts outside, and so you're gonna need to have people to help clean up, because for the most part, those students are not gonna care about the facility.

Jonathan: Or the people that work with them.

Todd: Right.

Jonathan: Skateboards can damage them, too. Who are my helpers? One-eyed Jake, Peg-leg Martha. And there's a guy with a skateboard sticking out of his back. We still haven't fixed that either! We tried to slide a bench in front of him, but it didn't work. He moved!