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Jonathan: So, you use these desired outcomes and then you actually...take all your staff, and you sit down at the training, and a huge part of your training isdesired outcomes. Tell us a little bit about that.

Chris: Well, the desired outcomes are a part of the training in a numberof ways. First of all, we go through desired outcomes and how they apply to activitiesbefore staff ever sees a schedule.

Jonathan: OK.

Chris: I've always told my staff that logistics are really unimportant; the importantthing is who we're gonna be and how we're gonna interact with each other and our campers.

Jonathan: Good. Good.

Chris: So these things kinda guide that.

Jonathan: So, before, you're talking about, "And don't forget, rec time is at threeo'clock," that's not as important as who they are?

Chris: Right. And I actually I want counselors to know that if they are late to rec timebut it's because they took advantage of a "teachable moment" (one of his desired outcomes) sothey're advancing those "learning experiences" (another one of his desired outcomes) option,they've got to weigh that out with a "significant memory" (yes... another one of his desired outcomes)that's coming up. So, they're prioritizing, and that's where this training comes in. I have a sheet; itgoes through all the purposes of all our activities and it goes through the responsibilities of the staff,and oddly enough, we call it "Purpose and Responsibility."

Jonathan: Oh...that's very, very good.

Chris: Yeah, pretty creative, really, in the title. (laughs) But, I don't haveone filled out. There's no right answers. And that's the thing that continues to amaze me, actually, thatwhen I take our group of about 140 staff that we're training, and they're at tables of 6-8 people, and whatI do is I give a sheet that has a list of all the events and activities on the left side and then there's abox right next to it and that's for primary purpose.

Jonathan: OK.

Chris: So, what is the primary thing we're gonna accomplish here? The next box over issecondary purpose. So, what are some things that are gonna happen we might as well aware of it and reallydrive that, as well, because, that will make it that much more, well, purposeful?

Jonathan: Sure....