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Jonathan: Then, what was the next behavior we saw out of her (Bella)? Because, enter stage left, Jacob the werewolf. What did we see then?

Todd: Well, we really saw this, "I'm not really into you, but I'd rather have somebody close by, so I'll just kinda toy with your emotions and string you along to really satisfy this need that I'm feeling." Just one of the most selfish things that I've seen. It was unbelievable.

Jonathan: And... she would kind of like lay her head on him, and get close, and he would, of course, because he's reading all the signs that say "She's interested in me!" ...he would get an inch from her lips... and then she'd pull back! Even when Edward gets back in the picture - we don't want to give any spoilers, though - there's this love triangle and she's like, "No, I'm close to both of you. Cause he's my best friend, but don't make me choose because I'll choose Edward."

Todd: Which, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you say that, have you not already chosen?

Jonathan: Yeah! Absolutely. "Don't make me choose, because I'll choose that." Uh...did you just choose?

This girl is not a role model!

Todd: Right. Right.

Jonathan: And we haven't even touched on... Bella's self-destructive behaviors when she's not going, "Aaaauuuuuuggggghhhhhh!"

Does that sound good on the headphones? I could try a different sound.

Todd: I tell you what. It doesn't sound real good when you're an inch away from my ear.

Jonathan: Yeah. That's good. Well that's the way it was in the theater. It just kinda reminds me of that Jim Carey sound, you know, in Dumb and Dumber. "Eeeeeeeeeeeahaaaaaaaayyy!" Anyway, when she was not doing the groaning sound, then she was either doing something dangerous... and it was amazing, because the craziness of the things she was doing. I mean, it starts off because she's sees this scummy guy... in a group...and then she literally walks towards them and they're making derogatory comments about her. They’re all like, "Hey baby, wanna ride?" And she decides, "I'd like to ride this guy's motorcycle." And she goes and she gets on the back of this guy's motorcycle and starts riding. Her friend literally says to her, "You're insane! You're suicidal!" And Bella just responds by saying, "It was such a rush."

And then she goes and fixes up a motorcycle and starts riding without a helmet. She jumps off this cliff. She's doing all these self-destructive behaviors. Listen to some of these lines I jotted some of these lines down during the film. Here's some of the lines she said:

She says to Edward, "You're my only reason to stay alive."

Here's another thing she said: "My pain was my only reminder that he was real."

Then she said to Jacob, "I'm not a car that you can fix up. I'm never gonna run right."

So, this self-destructive tendency was just amazing to see throughout the film. This girl is not a role model.

Todd: No. Not at all... And again, I think that's a huge area of concern.


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