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Jonathan: If you go to our site,, we have a weekly - well I say weekly, but usually about 48 times a year - we write a Youth Culture Window Article. On the front page you see that big magnifying glass and in there's an article, you know, about, again, the teenage brain, sexual activity, some new movie that's out that kids are watching, some new song....

David: TV show.

Jonathan: TV show, you name it. And you send that to the staff. Again, the reason I would like to send my volunteers out that article is that they can then click on the many links cause in our Youth Culture Window Articles, we average ten to fifteen links. "Oh, did you hear the new report from whatever?"

David: Nielson.

Jonathan: Nielson. Or Pew Internet. Or whatever. We link the report and oh, here's what these guys are saying. Boom! Compared to MTV who says this. Boom, we link it. And that way they could look at all those links. But I will print it out and when the staff are there, hand it to them, and then again, "What do you guys think of this?" And then my questions could be, "What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Does this affect our kids? If so, what's one thing we can do in our ministry to counter this, to be proactive about this? That kind of stuff." So, article discussion. It's a free way to equip your staff.

David: Yeah.

Todd: And what I like about it is you don't even have to be an expert. I mean, when you sit down, you're just facilitating some discussion.

Jonathan: That's it. You're a facilitator.

Todd: yeah, that's just a great idea, and the reason I asked you if you found success was I think that, initially, if you're sitting there listening to this and you go, "I'd like to try that," the first couple might be a little bumpy as you get a whole group of people trying to buy into "What is this? This is kinda new." It's awkward. And I would just encourage you to keep going. Just listen to what Jonathan has just said and give it some time. And don't be afraid of all those rules of discussion leading. Don't be afraid of the silence if nobody says anything.

Jonathan: Don't be afraid to cut somebody off who's going on too long. You'll get that one leader who's just crazy about some certain issue and you're like, "Oh, wow, I should have never brought this up."

David: yeah, and I've never found that in adult leaders in a social situation; they're just eager to share. And "How does this apply?"

Jonathan: You don't find silence a lot, you're saying?

David: No. No, because none of us are coming to this discussion pretending to be experts. How do we acclimate this information into our ministry? This is so good, so much fun, too, the article discussion training.


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