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Jonathan and David sit down with Rob Maxey to pick his brain about doing effective outreach ministry to unchurchedteens in the Sacramento area. Not only does he share tactics about reaching kids ON SCHOOL CAMPUSES, but he also talksabout his off-church-campus site, "The Barn," where he hosts weekly events geared to reaching teenagers with God'struth.

Jonathan: When you hang out with kids, tell us about how that happens, your programming.

Rob: We try to reach a wide spectrum of kids and so we do different things for different groups of kids. Mondaynight will be a high school campus life outreach event. So, we'll have high energy, we'll feed them, we'll BBQ, we'llplay dodge ball... But there's always about a 30 minute serious discussion... some of these non-church kids, they have noboundaries, but we say, you need to respect the adults, you need to respect "The Barn." We know what your language islike, but we would ask that you don't cuss here, and if you do as a matter of fact, we're gonna ask that you do 10pushups. And so now, you just see kids dropping all over the place. We used to have to catch them but now....

Jonathan: I noticed there's a lot more very strong kids with very large pecs in that area.

Rob: That's right. ‘Do you work out? No I just go to "The Barn" and cuss a lot.'

Jonathan: ‘I just go to "The Barn" and curse like a Marine.' No, that's good. Hey you said you use 30minute discussions. Sometimes outreach ministries have the reputation of ‘Oh, it's all just fun and games - no content.'But you actually really go toward... making sure. Do these discussions actually open the Word?

Rob: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. We've found that, we've beat around the bush about God, and we've tried to be veryseeker sensitive and it just hasn't been very effective, because at the end, the kids are like, ‘Why don't you just tellme what you really want to tell me?' They're there because they want to know the truth.

Jonathan: Instead of trying to be so Christian PC.

Rob: Yeah! And so, Jesus is appealing to everybody I meet on campus. They're interested about Jesus, and so, we'lljust talk about His life. We'll have a series on "This is how Jesus interacted with people,' and they're curious. It'll bemaybe a 15 minute talk, it'll be a video clip, and then we'll break up into small groups, often getting our stuff fromThe Source, I have to admit.

Jonathan: I love it.

Rob: That's an unpaid endorsement, right there!

Jonathan: That's awesome, man! We'll you know, when it's ready made and it's neat, cause I hear it from youthpastors all the time. They say, ‘Thanks for The Source for providing this stuff, because it gives us more chanceto hang out with kids, and we just print off your resources and use them.'

Rob: They all think I'm a genius by the way! ‘Man, you watch a lot of movies! You're great!'

Jonathan: Well, you know, David's one of the guys who writes a bunch of that stuff. So, thank him.

David: And that Monday that you were just talking about, is that a couple of hours?

Rob: Yeah. 7-9. We feed them. We begin with food; we end with food. And a lot of games. 30 minutes of the 2 hoursis intentional discussion, small group time, large group setting. Very, very structured.

Jonathan: Cool. So, what's happening the rest of the week in "The Barn."

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