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Jonathan: Anybody who goes to knows that they can just go up to the top of the page at any time and access those movie reviews, and that's something we're always excited about. If you click on the ARTICLES AND HOW TO's drop down menu, you see movie reviews right there, and you and I are the two guys that always do them. We don't always agree, um, sometimes you have a bad opinion.

Todd: Oh! I was with you right until you said that.

Jonathan: Yeah. Exactly, but it's OK for you to disagree with me all the time, cause it's good to have not only have a right view point, but a wrong view point.

Todd: Exactly. Well, I would encourage anyone listening to submit emails to see who they agree with more.

Jonathan: Oooh. That'd be good. You can just click the CONTACT US at The Source and let us know if you agree with Todd more, or Jonathan. Although it's funny; we do agree quite a bit on a lot of this.

Todd: That is true.

Jonathan: That's cool. Well, let me tell you where we're going with this podcast. This year what we're gonna do is review one film together. We like to do that, it will be live review of The Dark Knight, because that just came out here in December for rental, so we want to talk about that because I'm sure a lot of you guys have been renting it or will be renting it. Then we're gonna talk about the five most enjoyable films of the year. So we're gonna kinda review this year and which ones we enjoyed the most. This isn't the five films that critics say are the best, but the ones we just....

Todd: Yeah. Maybe no awards for these films, but I think if you're a movie person who enjoys films, you'll want to check out our lists.

Jonathan: Yeah. Enjoyable films. Then we're gonna go on to this year's most disappointing films. You know?

Todd: Always fun to go down that road, isn't it?

Jonathan: Yeah, we're just gonna mention a few little ones we call "Coasters," and then what we're gonna do is...some people are sitting here wondering, "Yeah, but what can I do when it comes to movies and use for ministry." So, we're gonna do what is our favorite movies you can use for discussion in ministry, and lead you toward free discussion starters we have on our website from this last year that were our favorite. Todd is gonna share one of his favorites; I'm gonna share one of mine. And then just for the fun of it, I think we're gonna each share our five top films from all time. Ever! Films ever made!

Todd: Yeah, and that is a much harder list for me to work up than the Top 5 of the year.


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