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Basically this is a car show and designed to reach "low riders," "hot rods" and their owners. The style of the cars will attract different participants and onlookers. Be sure to provide food and awards. Realize- that you'll see some risqué stuff (bikini clad girls painted on cars, crude t-shirts, etc.) We allow for the lost to be the lost. Depending on your church's stand you might even provide some non-Christian bands to play and you can ask them to control their lyrics. This event will bring attention to your group/church (especially if you put up a well designed booth with a car theme) and provide a great opportunity to build relationships with the car owners and possibly some car clubs. If you have a Christian car club in the area they should be included in the show. This can also work as a fundraiser by renting booths to car shops, detailers, and accessory (rims and tires) dealers.
Scott McWhirter, Director of Student Ministries and Community Outreach, West Side Christian Church, Denver, CO

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