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Outreach Event Ideas

Have your students sign-up at youth group to have you bring pizza & pop to their school, enough for them and 5 friends. Make sure you run your idea by the school officials to ensure they are comfortable with the idea.

You can bring it the following Wednesday (or whatever night you host your youth group) so the kids can invite their friends to youth group. All you gotta do is eat the pizza in the cafeteria with your kids, and it draws huge attention. You can then spend a half hour with a youth group member and usually a few kids that don't come to your youth group. There is always a great opportunity to have the kids invite their friends to youth group or church because kids always say "is that your dad or something?" (In some school settings, youth pastors CANNOT invite kids to their church. If this is the case in your setting, abide by the rules! Trust me, you will reap the benefits of kids inviting kids.)

Yeah, it costs a little to do this, but it is really worth it! Plus, you can petition your church for extra funds for such an impacting ministry!

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