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Sunflower "Seed" Planting
I came up with this outreach idea while volunteering with Dora High School's Softball Team. The girls love to eat sunflower seeds. So I went to Sam's and got a large bucket with 60 packs of sunflower seeds in each and made a shipping label that had the name of my church, the meeting times, and a little saying about how much God loved them. Then I put one of those labels on every pack of the seeds so that every time one of the girls got a bag they knew what church it was from.

I got the great privilege of seeing two of the girls come to Christ because of some salted sunflower seeds. I have since given both schools in my area a bucket for each spring sport, one for the baseball team and one for the softball team. The buckets are not that expensive and the students love them.
Joey B. Fine, Minister of Youth and Worship, Dora First Baptist Church, Dora, AL

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