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Outreach Event Ideas

Our church has a "food trailer," nothing fancy. We take it different places and give away food and drinks (for free). This summer we will be going to the skate park and when football practice starts we will go to the campus. We do hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. For the football teams we do water and Gatorade. We take our portable sound system and play some Christian tunes that we think they'd like. We have "bringvatations" that we hand out. It's a simple 3"x3" card that says "What are you doing Wednesday at 6pm? We're doing a 180." (180 is the name of our youth program.) The back of the card has our address, web and phone information.
Keri Bullington, Department Head/ worship and multimedia, Bentonville First Assembly of God Oneighty, Bentonville, AR

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