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Winter Beach Party Night in Kansas!
The key to this event is the timing. What better thing to do in Kansas in the winter than ... HAVE A BEACH PARTY! Kids always feel more comfortable inviting friends to an event like this because it sells itself- it's something they can't do anywhere else! (Sorry Californians, you just won't understand this one!) Kids love dressing up in bathing suits and summer wear in the middle of winter. You can have loud music playing, beach volleyball, and tropical fruits; all at an indoor pool- Becky's group uses the local college indoor pool. Bring sand in and do sand castle contests if you want. The sky's the limit. This event attracts unchurched kids. Have loud music, food and fun with a small Gospel presentation at the end. Relationship building is what this is all about. With Becky's group, most came back for regular youth group with their friend the next week. A bunch of new kids came in addition to kids who hadn't been there in a while who received postcards in the mail. God used it!
Becky Karas, Volunteer Group Leader, First Baptist Church, Lyons, KS

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