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We asked all the youth to submit "Gizmo Games" (Not video games, just any game that included some kind of electronic device or mechanical gizmo, not including Game Boy, X-box, etc.). We got games like Henry, Bop-It, Bop-It Extreme, Dance Revolution, Foosball, Pin Ball & Air Hockey.

The evening started with students signing up for as many games as they wanted to try. We set up tournament brackets for two player games and gave students two chances to earn the highest score on individual games. We gave medals to the winners of each game and then a championship medal for the person who won the most events. Pizza, soda & ice-cream were served for dinner. After the prizes were awarded, someone shared a Gospel message around the theme of competition and seeking a prize.

Huge group of youth turned out and our middle school and high school mixed well.

Many of those who visited for the first time became regular members of our youth group.
Saundra Butts, Director of Youth Ministries, First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

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