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NOTE FROM JONATHAN: I think one of the best ways we can point to Christ is through "acts of service." I'm not talking about handing out tracks or "door knocking"... I'm talking about good ol' fashion helping people in need. And if people ask why, we simply answer, "Because that's what Jesus would have done, and we're pretty excited about Jesus."

The Church and youth department would take up a love offering once a month, then find a family who is in need of assistance and pay all their bills for that month. You name it: rent, electric, food, phone…the works! In addition, the kids and family would get new clothes and shoes-not 2nd hand, but brand new items that have never been worn. We do this every month. 12 families a year get a peek at what God's heart looks like.
Jason Cox, Youth Minister, Bible Baptist Church, Grove, OK

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