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Our Event is a series of events formed around the "5th Sunday" of the month (there are 4 months every year that have 5 Sundays in them). We plan an event – Kids’ Movie Night, BBQ, Teen Nerf War, Community Picnic, etc - and we invite the kids in the neighborhood around our church. It is also a great regular event that our church members can invite friends and family to (and it's done well, so they won't be embarrassed).

People who do not attend a church have been introduced to our church in a non-threatening environment. Kids (especially) have been excited about the church and it's children's ministry through this event. It's simple, and our community is starting to wonder what we have up our sleeve for the next 5TH SUNDAY!
Dairn Peters, Youth Pastor, Kingsway Church, Burnaby, BC (Canada)

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   Ruth         11/12/2015 3:46:56 PM

Looking for ideas and how to get the youths involed in church. Starting with the youths doing fifth sunday

   l robinson         1/20/2015 8:45:34 AM

youth ministry

   lasandra robinson         1/20/2015 8:44:13 AM

I am in the youth ministry @ my church looking for ideas.

   Sharon Jackson-Johnson         1/12/2015 5:01:13 PM

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   Katherine         3/28/2014 6:44:00 AM

Going out this weekend , need ideas

   Debbie          3/25/2014 3:59:46 PM

looking for ideas to excite a small church to reach new members

   MaQuita McRath         1/25/2014 6:07:41 PM

I'm loving this website already.