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It's Not Always What It Seems
Decorate the youth room like a restaurant (or get an actual restaurant if you have a contact). Give kids menus ...but with creative names of things they've never heard of. Give the foods and drinks new names. Order "Phlipidy dunkers" and get French fries. Order "levely paradisio" and get dry toast. Some things might sound really good, but they aren't. And some might not sound good, but are ...they will just have to wait and see. Note: Sometimes kids will get discouraged with what they ordered, so it's nice to have a main course that everyone can enjoy.

This is a great door opener to talking about "it's not always what it seems.” Just because something looks good or sounds good does not always mean it is good. We can be fooled so easily, especially since the world is so good at covering it up.
Marsha Batovsky, Volunteer Youth Worker, Grace Baptist Church, Grindstone, PA

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