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Battle of the Bands
We put out the word in schools (through music teachers), skate parks and posters. Then we spread the word through our youth. The entry fee is about 25-50 bucks per band. Each band gets to do 2 or 3 songs at "the show" which is held at our local outdoor band facility. Great food is provided, our youth leaders are there doing some great games and funny skits. Our 'Idol'-esque panel of judges comment on each performance. Any ties are determined with our cheesey 'APPLAUS-O-METER.' The winning band gets to play at our next big event and walks away with 500 dollars and some great Christian skate decks, clothing, a Bible, and Christian punk CD's. The event draws a huge crowd and we get to promote God, our youth ministry web site, and future events.
John Fleming, Student Ministries Pastor, McMurray Gospel Assembly, Fort McMurray

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