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You remember the little Sunday school project with the Easter eggs? Ever thought of using that for an evangelism tool? A month before Easter, give your group a chance to make a difference through giving away Easter Eggs. The large plastic egg includes symbols of the items used during the crucifixion (a white cloth spattered with red marker - being the cloth Jesus was wrapped in, a dull nail, a sponge piece, a small crown of thorns, and a piece of paper stating, "So what do these things have in common" and directions to the church or teen event.) Give each student as many eggs as they want- then have them pass them out to their friends, and explain the contents. A great opportunity for friendship evangelism and inviting new students to Easter Sunday.
Bethany Searle, Director Of Youth and Family Ministry, First Christian Church, Sierra Vista, AZ

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   Hope Pitts         3/11/2014 9:01:13 AM

I LOVE this idea!! We are going to use this right away with our youth group! Thanks so much for sharing!