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We booked a large local hall and sent out flyers to all the local high schools. We booked some DJ's and some break-dancers. We had our youth group learn some funky new dances and had a team visiting from America. We made a coffee area where they could buy coffee, soda, etc. We had dance music playing and break dancers going and had two guys rapping. It was great, really drew in the local young people. We then had the youth pastor share the gospel after a very thought provoking drama. 70 young people from the neighborhood gave their lives to Christ.
Belinda Ramsay, Youth worker/childrens worker, Belfast,Northern Ireland

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   Debbie Timmons         4/13/2015 8:02:43 AM

Great idea, we have small church to begin bible studies I dont think we could get Christian band way out here, for instance I could use this idea at the larger church to draw kids in