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NOTE FROM JONATHAN: I think one of the best ways we can point to Christ is through "acts of service." I'm not talking about handing out tracks or "door knocking"... I'm talking about good ol' fashion helping people in need. And if people ask why, we simply answer, "Because that's what Jesus would have done, and we're pretty excited about Jesus."

Have your congregation donate new 9-volt batteries to your youth group for a few weeks. Then, hand them out (or install them yourselves), in Jesus' name, in your neighborhood surrounding the church building. The batteries are for their smoke-detectors...take along a clipboard, paper, and a pen to take down the neighbor's prayer request...plenty of ministry to be had by all!!!

The reason this worked was because we didn't do the expected-try to convert people on the spot. We just met a need (batteries in smoke detectors) and offered to pray for them.

The neighbors were shocked... (NO PUN INTENDED)...They really couldn't believe it. The youth were really charged...(I did it again...) to show GOD's love so practically!
Marty A. Nichols, Youth Pastor, Cross Point Church, Centerville, OH

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   Denna         8/22/2014 6:51:39 PM

What a great way to Bless our brothers and sisters and get to know them and share Christ.