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Get the Right Tool for the Job

Needed: Several nails, one 2x6 board at least 4' long, and several tools like a hammer, screwdriver, spoon, hairbrush, etc.

Introduction: "Sometimes in life we go to the wrong place for solutions. In those cases, we usually fail because we use the wrong method to accomplish something. I need a few volunteers ..."

Pull out a board with several nails sticking out of it. Allow students (1 at a time) to drive nails into the board with tools you select for them. Give the first student a hairbrush, the next a spoon, a screwdriver, etc. Obviously save the hammer for last. Ask them why using the hairbrush, spoon, or screwdriver isn't working. Close the illustration by saying, "It doesn’t make sense to use the wrong tool for driving nails! Nor does it make sense to seek out the wrong sources for wisdom."

Introduce the Topic: Many times we go to the wrong sources for wisdom (friends, un-churched family, etc.). We need to rely on the Word of God, prayer, our pastors and those with an understanding of God. These are the "tools" God has given us with which to find true wisdom in life.

Added by Alan Lay

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   Lonnie Maley         9/16/2011 3:50:42 AM

This is a great lesson for 5th quarter type atmosphere! SImple and to the point. Thanks