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Special Brownies

Title: Special Brownies (A.K.A.--Chocolate Covered Poop!)

Bake 3 batches of brownies. Leave one batch plain, put some extras on the second batch (I used nuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows on the top) and add peanut butter chips (or leave plain) to the third batch. For each batch, write out a recipe card with the ingredients - but for the 3rd batch, write down 1 Tbs. of dog poop at the end.

Have a student read off the ingredients for each batch - starting with the first and take a vote to see which students would eat that brownie. They will go nuts when he/she reads the last ingredient on the 3rd batch!! Most likely, no one will want to eat that batch - but that's the point. (I had one who thought he would eat it anyway ... there's always one!)

We are all called to be pure and whole. Even a little bit of sin in our lives makes us unacceptable to God (brownies with dog poop). If we keep ourselves free from sin, and seek reconciliation to God, then our lives can be decorated with good things, and unique gifts that make us special brownies in God's eyes (brownies with extra stuff). But at the very minimum, we have to be pure. Even a little bit of dog poop makes the whole brownie bad.

Added by Kelly Gilmore

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   John Mitchell         11/17/2015 8:03:20 PM

I use a similar illustration with our youth group. My variation is that I involve the kids in making the brownies. I have 2 volunteers to "mix" the brownies. We then talk about "good" things that we can do. Each person who comes up with a good work steps up and adds an ingredient to the mix. I then get two taste volunteers to try the batches. Finally, I have a secret ingredient to each batch. I ask for one good thing God does for us and they add a cup of chocolate chips to one batch. Then I ask for one really little bad thing someone can do (I don't want murder, etc., instead telling a lie or hurting my sister, etc.). This person adds the secret ingredient to the second batch. This is the dog dirt. I then ask our mixers to mix (one can be grossed out at this point). Then I ask the taste volunteers if they want to try again. The point is that it doesn't matter how much "good" one does, just a little bit of bad stuff ruins the whole batch. (Note, the first time I tried it I used regular dirt an the boys all wanted to try the one with dirt. Since switching to the dog's dirt I have only had one kid who wanted to try it. I don't know if he was testing me or not-but be ready).

   Kiel         1/23/2015 10:54:59 AM

I will definitely try this on my group.

   nicolette saaiman         2/12/2014 2:23:33 PM

I'm enjoying every moment of your ideas its opening my mind as an adult whose teaching the 9 to 10 years I'm so excited to add this on my lesson on genesis chapter 2 adam and eve great stuff

   Giselle         2/5/2014 9:28:33 AM

Great example